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The unit of measurement of sound is decibel (db). Any sound above, 80 decibel harms the culinary cells situate.. Sources of Noise pollution explained below: Domestic gadgets : Mixers, pressure cookers, washing machines, desert coolers, generators (as high as 10th B) fans, exhaust fans, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones etc. Personal entertainments : Personal entertainment sources responsible for noise pollution are transistors, radio, record/ cassette Noise pollution control strategy: The noise decibel value is reduced from its origin itself.

Individuals can protect them self by using earplugs or mufflers. The decibel value of noise can be controlled at its point of the origin. Effect of noise pollution The intensity of sound is measured using the unit called decibel (db). Human ear is extremely sensitive to the wide range of intensity of sound from O to 180 decibel, anything beyond 140 decibel is deleterious to health. Noise pollution leads to increase in increased stress levels, blood pressure.. Noise pollution description The sound level is the logarithm of ratio of the ambient intensity to the preference intensity (usually considered 10-12 Whom -2 ).

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The unit of sound level is decibel (db), a name that was chosen to recognize the work of Alexander Gram Bell. When the ambient sound intensity is equal to the reference intensity, the sound or Minimizing Noise Pollution In the modern age of industry and electronics it is almost impossible to completely get rid of noise pollution. However, there are ways and means to reduce the intensity of noise to a level which is not so harmful. Some of these methods are as follows. The source should be manipulated so as to reduce t..

Causes of Noise pollution: Here are some causes of noise pollution Natural sources of noise pollution are rare (e. G. , thunder of clouds). Most causes are manmade causes. The important causes are as follows. Transport Vehicles : It is a major source of noise pollution in towns a.. Control of atmospheric pollution- noise in atmosphere: The decibel value of noise can be condensed at its point of origin. Barriers can be formed and the spread as well as the cause of noise can be reduced. Muffling methods for sound can be developed through proper research in the easing of industrial machinery, vehicles and drilling machines…

Sources of ocean pollution Most of the pollution that enters the ocean ecosystems is through contaminated rivers. However, there are three main sources of inputs of pollution into the ocean: – Direct discharge of waste into the oceans – Runoff into the waters due to rain – Pollutants that are released FRR.. Noise is generally regarded as an unwanted sound or sound, which produces unpleasant effects on the ears. Noise is generally regarded as an unwanted sound or sound, which produces unpleasant effects on the ears.

Noise is produced by household gadgets, vehicles on the road, jet planes, loud speakers etc. N.. Explanation on forms or sources of air pollution: Industries are a major cause of air pollution: Several factories burn fuels such as coal, kerosene, fire wood, and petroleum. These fuels on burning give out smoke which contains various types of gases, polluting the air. For example, whenever coal is used as a fuel, it produces smoke which contains poisonous gases like.. Types of Pollution – the meaning of pollution . It is caused by domestic, industrial and agricultural wastes.

Agricultural asset includes not only parts of plants but also fertilizers and chemicals used to destroy weeds and pests. Animal waste too pollutes land. Noise Pollution: The presence of any displeasing sound in the environment created by human, animal or Types of Pollution . It is caused by industrial and agricultural as well as domestic wastes. Harmful chemical wastes dumped by industries and agricultural fields on the earth surface. Different types of herbicides, and pesticides used by farmers in agricultural land also responsible for land pollution. Plants absorb these harmful wastes from soil which are..

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