Meteors and Comets Assignment

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Meteors and Comets My topic for this book report is meteors and comets. In fact that is also the title of my book where I got this information from. The author of my book is Gregory L. Vogt. Three main facts that I have learned are when meteors travel through space they are no longer called meteors, they are now called meteoroids. How meteoroids are formed, and how scientists believe that comets are very old. I chose this topic because meteors and comets have always interested me, and because of Halley’s Comet. Many people ask and think, why are meteors called meteoroids when they travel through space if they are the same thing?

It’s also the same thing as saying meteoroids that fall into Earths’ atmosphere are called meteors. The atmosphere is the layer of gasses that surrounds Earth. I wonder if the gasses ever changed anything. As in the shape, speed or heat. Some people call them rocks from the sky! Meteors are formed in two ways. Many come from asteroids. Others come from comets. Asteroids are large chunks of space rock. They are also called minor planets. Some meteoroids are the size of a piece of sand. Some can be as big as a house! Comets almost totally melt away after many orbits. But dust and grains from the comet keep moving around the sun.

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After the dust and grains fall into Earths’ atmosphere are meteors. So one part of why scientists think comets are very old is if one comets have orbited many times then it has to be old the other part is how they think comets ate pieces left from when the solar system began. This probably happened billion of years ago. That’s why scientists think that comets are very old! In conclusion these are some parts that I found interesting in my book. Other parts that I found interesting were how some people who lived long ago were afraid of comets, or when a meteor lands on Earth it’s called a meteorite. This was what I thought of my book.

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