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Describe the relationship between the Olympic Games and its sponsors. 2. Discuss the marketing opportunities tort partner businesses and suppliers to the Olympics. 3 How does the Olympics ensure that ambush marketing is prevented? Questions for Chapter 3 case: 1 . What changes in the technological environment negatively impacted Xerox, causing sales to slow markedly? 2. How did Xerox cope with this changing environment? 3. How effective have they been? Questions for Chapter 5 case: 1. Who is the Apple customer? 2. How has Apple gained such a devoted following? 3.

What is Apple doing to ensure the customer experience remains at a high level? Questions for Chapter 6 case: 1. What is Air Rabbi’s strategy? 2. What is unique about their market segmentation strategy? 3. Are there weaknesses in Air Rabbi’s strategy? If so, what are they? Questions for Chapter 7 case: 1 . What is Aviva selling? And what are customers really buying? 2. As Aviva discards its older brands, how important are the two dimensions of product quality? 3. Discuss the brand equity of Aviva versus that of another major investment savings and insurance group.

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Questions for Chapter 8 case: 1 . How has Google used innovation to become so successful? 2. Google CEO Schmidt says his company’s new product development planning only looks four or five months into the future. How do you believe this has helped or hurt the company 3. Take Google’s primary product, its search engine, and discuss its evolution at each stage of the product life cycle. Questions for Chapter 9 case: 1. To what extent was the Harry Potter series simply a loss leader for the hypermarkets? 2. Should such price cutting be outlawed or regulated to protect smaller retailers? Bookstores in Koala Lump withdrew the book in protest. Was their reaction Justified? Questions for Chapter 10 case: 1 . Why might the Palestinian-based AY Stanton be a non-profit organization? 2. What are the benefits to the Palestinian economy of retaining as many value-added activities as possible in Palestine? 3. What are the distinct distribution difficulties facing the supply chain? 4. With such difficulties, can Palestinian olive oil be truly competitive with other sources of the product? Questions for Chapter 11 case: 1. What is Ramee’s basic strata 2.

Describe Ramee based on the types of retailers described in the text??via service, product line, prices, and organizational approach. Questions for Chapter 12 case: 1 . How has Milliner successfully crossed the great “media divide” between traditional and digital media? 2. What does Milliner mean by the term “superstition’s? ” How are they using superstition’s to leverage marketing communication? 3. Would Milliner’s method of marketing communication work in an international environment? Why or why not? 4. What’s next for Milliner? What new promotional direction would you suggest for them now?

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