Mental Health Assignment

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The top 3 priorities in Healthcare today When conducted my assessment with the Healthcare provider I interviewed. Her top priorities within Healthcare were quality care, cost containment and better patient outcomes. When intergenerational Petersen, Case manager CICS. URN. BBS one of her main focuses was cost containment she felt that was important because she felt like the patient shouldn’t have to pay for services hat were not medically necessary.

She only wanted the patient treated for what they absolutely needed to be treated for. Sometimes Dry’s like to order several labs, X-rays, and other tests that are really not necessary for the patients treatment. One of the other focuses she felt also was important was quality of care. Do we really always feel like we get “Quality care”? How many times have you been treated and you felt like you were just another number or that the Dry. Didn’t take the time to listen to your needs.

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Jane stated she pens as much time following up with the patient and patients family to make sure there questions are answered and that there is follow up after they leave CICS. Also in the mornings when the Dry’s are doing there morning rounds that all family members are involved in the patient’s recovery. Jane stated this was especially important because of the unit she works on and that it’s important that everyone is supportive on getting the patient home. Jane stated that if you do the top two that you will have better patient outcomes while that patient IS being treated.

Everything will fall into place. She stated that it’s a domino effect all the way around and that its very important to make sure all these are done. You make one mistake and that one patient will remember that one mistake but they don’t remember the hundred great things you did for them. I agree with mostly with the first two paragraphs because I have had to work with Jane on several pretty tuff cases where not always have they been the best outcomes but they were what was necessary at the time that was in the best interest of the patient.

I now for a fact that when a patient with a Nan-contracted insurance comes through her unit she will have them transferred to the correct hospital so that the patient isn’t hit with a large bill that’s not covered. I know thatched takes pride in the work she does and she ALWAYS has the patient’s best interest in mind. I think now days with the way the economy is we have to be careful with how much we utilize the hospital, Dry’s, etc so we can cut down on costs. There is becoming a lot more and more uninsured patients and I think even with the HOC you’re going to see an increase.

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