Is Global Warming Due to Human Actions? Assignment

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The actions that humans should take to stop global warming are to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit human effect on the climate cycle. Body Paragraph # 1 Topic Sentence: Most scientists and their studies also agree that human actions, especially the burning of oil and fossil fuels, are contributing to global warming. However there is much debate over to what extent human actions are causing global warming. Some scientists and politicians believe that a warming trend is occurring, however, they are convinced that it is still mostly a natural trend.

In contrast many scientific studies on climate change show that human actions are definitely a factor in global warming and may be significant whether minor or not, as the human factor even if small could be enough to cause irreversible changes in earth’s climate and natural climate change cycle. Supporting Evidence: Global climate change and the current global warming trend affect all living things on our planet, including animals, plants, and humans. “Some of the possible consequences of global warming are heat waves, water shortages, rising sea levels, loss of beaches and marshes.

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Many scientific studies have hon. that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Greenhouse gases are necessary for keeping the planet habitable, however too much can cause the planet to become too warm for human inhabitation” (Wassail, 2007). Body Paragraph # 2 According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (EPIC), “Most of observed warming over last 50 years is likely due to increases in greenhouse gas concentrations due to human activities. Evidence from air bubbles in ice core samples has allowed scientists to determine the composition of the atmosphere and infer climatic changes over the past several millennia.

By comparing the past atmosphere composition with the present composition there has been substantial increase in greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide over the last century” (Synthesis Report 31). The evidence from ice core samples also shows a correlation between past global warming and an increase in greenhouse gases, thus like today’s global warming, the ancient warming was caused by massive releases of carbon-bearing greenhouse gases.

In the past the increase in greenhouse gases was due to natural processes such as volcanic eruptions. In contrast, he increase in greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution is mostly caused by human actions, such as the burning of fossil fuels and oil, as well as land use changes. As greenhouse gases are important for trapping some of the sun’s heat and making our planet inhabitable, too much greenhouse gases could eventually cause the planet to be much less habitable for humans, plants, and animals.

Because some greenhouses gases, such as carbon dioxide, have long lives in the atmosphere, it is important to limit greenhouse gas emissions soon before it is too late, as even with a stabilization of low emissions the effects of roundhouse gases already in our atmosphere will continue to cause global warming for at least another century. Many scientists believe that the increased emissions of greenhouse gases by humans are a factor in global warming, however they are uncertain to what extent the current trend is a natural climate change process. This uncertainty has been blown out of portion by several politicians, mostly Republicans. Congressional Insiders Poll about if man is a factor in global warming. One congressman is reported saying that “there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that it has anything to o with man” “Based on results from scientific studies most scientists believe that man does have a significant role in the current global warming trend and even those that doubt humans role in the current climate change, such as Richard S.

Linden, admit that humans do have an effect on climate, although he believes humans role to be an extremely small and insignificant factor, it is this minority of doubters, which appear to have no scientific studies to back up their doubt, that the current United States Presidential Administration uses to back up their belief that global warming is not cause y humans, thus the economic costs of limiting our fossil fuel consumption is unreasonable and refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol, which sets guidelines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions” (Scientific Basis 202).

Body Paragraph # 3 Global climate change is an issue that affects our planet’s environment as a whole, including the sea, the atmosphere, animals, and humans. Scientific evidence exists that not only supports that global climate change is occurring and is currently characterized by warming. Studies show that one of the causes of the global warming trend is an increase of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, which is related to past climate change events by using Antarctic ice core samples.

This increase in greenhouse gases in the past century mostly from human actions, especially the burning of oil and fossil fuels, and only slightly to natural occurrences, such as volcanic eruptions as in the past. While scientists are not certain how much the increase in greenhouse gases contributes to global warming, there is little doubt that it is a contributing factor and a result of human actions.

Although further studies are needed to determine how much of the global warming trend is natural, it appears clear that greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced in order to curb the impact humans have on climate change cycles and humans also need to learn to adapt to the irreversible changes that we may have already caused. Another danger surrounding a potential peak global warming is in the world of oil production leading to the impact on global warming. Some have argued that a forced march away from oil will push the world economy into dependence on fuels that add even more carbon dioxide pollution to the atmosphere for example, oil shale, tar sands, and coal, all of which are extremely abundant-??and dirty’ (Turk & Bunsen, 2011 “High oil prices make it more economical to turn these carbon-based fuels into liquids, and if they receive heavy subsidies while the cleaner alternatives are starved, we may be facing an ecological crisis as well as an economic one.

On the other hand, if rising oil prices give a serious boost to investment in energy efficiency, public transportation, befouls, and other renewable energy sources, they could jumpstarted the energy transition that is needed to solve the climate emergency now facing the world. One point is inarguable: a entry after the oil age began in earnest, humanity faces an historic test. Human ingenuity is one resource that won’t peak-??but whether it can be embroiled quickly enough to surmount these challenges is not yet clear” (Turk & Bunsen, 2011).

Conclusion – Thesis Statement As global warming increases in the average temperature of both the earth’s near surface air and the oceans consequently, there will be expected increase of occurrence in extreme weather events such as: hurricane, floods, and even famine. “The increasing global temperature causes changes such as rising sea bevels, which is in addition, the amount and pattern of precipitation is affected by increasing global temperature. The effects of global warming have been in the past disastrous and may be very disastrous even in the future” (Thomas, C.

D, 2004). Other climatic change effects include, low agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and disease vectors increase. To reduce these global warming threats; greenhouse gases emissions must come to a minimum in the modern 21st century world. Examples of greenhouse gases are the following: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide. Carbon dioxide emissions may come from the power generating plants, vehicles, airplanes and industrial pollution.

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