A Thousand Splendid Suns Assignment

A Thousand Splendid Suns  Assignment Words: 492

Afghanistan during the invasion of the Soviet of Afghanistan and the Taliban regime. It shows the suffering of Afghan citizens and their sacrifice in time of war. In this story, the two women named Miriam and Leila play an important role of a typical wife in Afghanistan who have to face torture and brutality from their husband and society. The Story Starts out by introducing Miriam, who is an unwanted teenager. In the story, she is forced to marry Rehashed, an abusive husband at age 15.

Rehashed is a cruel man who breaks Maria’s reams and tortures her everyday. On the other hand, Leila is an attractive girl who lives just up the street from Maria’s house. She is born to educated parents and enjoys the freedoms that Miriam is restricted from by Rehashed. She has a boyfriend named Atari, but their plans to marry get destroyed when he has to leave the country and move to Pakistan as a refugee. After her boyfriend left, a rocket destroys Laic’s home and family. Finding herself alone and pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, she decides to accept

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Rasher’s offer of marriage and becomes his second wife. The story then deals with how Miriam and Leila form friendship and cope through tough times. In the end, Miriam sacrifices her life for Miriam and she finds a way to get together with her long-gone boyfriend in Pakistan. Together, they start their lives, thank Miriam for her sacrifice, and live to help people like Miriam who are in desperate need for help. Quote: “Of all the hardships a person had to face, none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting. ” – page: 113

This quote shows the hardship of Miriam and Leila, who face daily torture from their husband and the society that they live in. All they can do to better this situation is to wait and hope for the best. However, for them that is taking too long. Question: Q: Do you consider yourself lucky because you live in the United States? Why or Why not? Does living in US have any impact or effect on your life? How? A: Yes, because it is the land of free and I have my rights protected in this country. In third world countries, the government does not care for their tizzies.

However, in US, the government gives us benefits and equal opportunities as anyone else. Yet, we do not appreciate what we have an always want more. Why you should read this book? One should read this book to experience what they experienced in a war at home and in country. It will make you appreciate democracy that we enjoy more than ever. Theme: The themes are human suffering and loss of innocence because in this book, the main character loose their innocence after all the abuse and stress that they face.

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