Is Global Warming a Myth? Assignment

Is Global Warming a Myth? Assignment Words: 423

Therefore, Ova believes that we should lower greenhouse-gas emissions and spare no efforts to move from fossil fuels to cleaner, less damaging energy sources (Ova). However, Edmund Contorts, who is a retired environmental consultant and real estate developer, states that global temperatures have decreased since 1998, which means so-called global warming is a myth. He denies the connection between carbon dioxide and rising of temperatures. Furthermore, e claims that human-made emissions are insignificant when compared to the carbon output of natural sources (Contorts).

As far as am concerned, I am in favor of the opinion of Ben Ova that the existence of global warming is an undeniable truth. According to Crosscurrents. Com, a science research website, the annual average temperature keeps on increasing each decade. In Ethel sass, the global mean annual temperature was 56. BIBB, but in the sass’s, the global mean annual temperature has increased to 58. 1 OFF (Current Result). This has proven that the earth temperature is really increasing instead of decreasing like Edmund Contorts claimed.

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Also, Edmund Contorts has denied the relationship between carbon dioxide and the temperature. I disagree with his view. According to the Crosscurrents. Com, there were 21. 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 1991 and 27 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission in 2005. During this period of time, the global temperature has increased from 57. OFF to 58. KICK This suggests that the emission of carbon dioxide may directly lead o the greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

What’s more, Edmund Contorts claimed methane gas is the real greenhouse gas that cause global warming and the natural methane such as swamps is the number one cause of methane rather than human activities. I agree with his view, however, according to the united States Environmental Protection Agency, the main sources of methane gas are enteric fermentation, landfill and coal mining (Contorts). Humans raise livestock like cows, pigs, chicken for food; this may increase the emission of methane gas in a great rate.

Also, landfill and coal mining are greatly related to human life. Therefore, there is no doubt that human is the prime culprit of these global phenomenon. Global warming is a worldwide issue that cannot be ignored. As human are the ringleader of this long-term problem, government are supposed to aware of the seriousness of global warming and make effective policies or laws to control it before situation get worse. We must try to cure our world by burning less fuel, reduce waste and reduce eating livestock.

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