Iom Report on Nursing Education, Practice, and Leadership Assignment

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The Affordable Care Act, the rapid increase in the insured population, and the aging population will create increased emends on an already stressed healthcare system (I 2010, p. 85). The sweeping changes the report recommends are necessary to keep up with the very diverse and rapidly growing health care needs of the public and will change the face of healthcare as we know it today. There are many barriers that the profession of nursing must overcome if this is to be accomplished.

The MOM is a not for profit, organization which was founded for the purpose of providing national advice with regard to biomedical science, medicine, and health. It functions independent of the U. S. Deader government and provides “unbiased, evidence-based, and authoritative information and advice concerning health and science policy to policy-makers, professionals, leaders in every sector of society, and the public at large”(“linguists of Medicine,” 2013). The report caused me to reflect upon why I chose nursing as a profession and what I can do to enhance my skills to enrich my profession.

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Transformation of the health care system will require an alteration of the roles of many health professionals, including nurses. The IIOP report suggests expanding the cope of practice for advance practice registered nurses(Apron’s) and encouraging them to practice to the maximum extent of their education and training. The VA currently utilizes nurse practitioners(Naps) as the primary care providers for patients In all situations, including inpatient and outpatient environments.

Quality of patient care and patient outcome data consistently show excellent results as a result of the Ova’s approach(, 2010, p. 86). The altering landscape of the health care system and the change In population mean that the healthcare as we know It must also change If It Is to provide care that Is patient-oriented. Care that Is more primary as opposed to specialty must be available, and offered In the community, rather than In the acute care setting, and all health professionals must be enabled to perform to their full education, training, and competencies.

Succeeding In these changes will allow the health care system to deliver better care, including a reduction in errors and before we will see any transformation, including extremely restrictive scope-of- practice regulations, which vary from state-to-state and physician resistance. Guidelines in many states render Aprons unable to give care they were trained to provide. There is evidence indicating that Arab’s are capable of providing safe, effective quality care. In 2007 an initiative was introduced in the state of Pennsylvania which called for expanding the legal scope of practice for Apron’s.

Outcome data after the first year show more people with diabetes obtaining eye and foot examinations and more asthmatic children having a method for controlling asthma exacerbations. (need ref) A change in the U. S. Health care system requires change in nursing education, both prior to and after being licensed. There are a number of educational routes which lead to an entry-level license to practice, this has divided the nursing community and has caused confusion among the public and fellow health professionals regarding requirements for these educational choices.

Future access to basic primary care and nursing education is dependent upon an increased number of BBS-prepared nurses. The MOM recommends an increase in the percentage of the working nurses with a BBS from 50 percent as it is now, to 80 percent by 2020. If this is not accomplished, the MOM recommendations for an increase in access to primary care and increased and standardized roles for nurses will go unmet(, 2010, p. 212).

All nurses need strong leadership skills if they are to promote patient safety and an increased quality of patient care, no matter the setting. Nurses need to be leaders in working with others, improving processes, developing new integrated models for nursing practice, and lead in changes to curriculum that will allow nurses to practice to their fullest capacity. Nurses with more experience must take the time to mentor those who are newer and have less experience, and assist them in learning the most effective ways of being exceptional in all aspects of nursing.

Upon reading the MOM report, I began to reflect upon what changes I can make in my practice that will contribute to meeting the needs of my profession. I specifically focused on the education and leadership aspects. I concur with the report with respect to the fact that higher levels of education among the nursing community are necessary, and I am endeavoring to reach that goal. I am also reflecting upon my leadership skills and identifying strengths and weaknesses in my everyday interactions with fellow nurses as well as other members of the healthcare team.

I have identified nursing leaders in the institution where I am employed and I seek out opportunities to learn from them.

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