Igcse Directed Writing Airplanes and Pollution Assignment

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The expansion of the air travel industry is beginning to raise many thoughts and disclaims, as the myth following the airplanes greenhouse gas emission is convincing more and more people, as the tension concerning the global warming is rising at an alarming stage. But still, others think differently, bringing somehow incertitude on the subject. We will try, in this article, to reveal the truth about the air industry, and to discard any false thesis. Many theories humiliate airlines industries, some are true, but others are gust not appropriate.

The truth is that people living near airports do suffer from the location as many complainers report, in fact the noise made by aircrafts take offs and landings is really unsustainable, the roads crossing and leading to the airports get easily jammed and the surrounding air is constantly polluted. Although nothing political can be done about that, as an airport (as long as it is a major one) is an infrastructure difficult to move, and people leaving near them may have to move if they to get rid of anything undesirable.

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But, that is not the single attack made to the air travel industry, in fact, many complainers accuse air travel to be the fastest growing polluter of the greenhouse, leading to the global warming, or that the air traffic will be doubling for the fifteen years, contributing to a huge growth of the earth pollution. But those complainers somehow tend to forget that planes are less likely to pollute that trains, ships, or the biggest polluter of all transports, the car; that air travel is the source of “only/’ three percent of the global roundhouse gases emissions, and that, even by 2050, it will produce only the double of its actual emissions.

And yet, no one calls for major restrictions concerning the development of other source of pollution, focusing on the highly visible, so-called, fastest growing carbon dioxide emission source. The people attacking the air industry tend to think that the best way to reduce global gas emissions is by reducing the air travel itself, or by influencing travelers to fly less frequently, whatever the purpose, or encouraging them to use alternative means of transport. But, those alternatives to air traveling are not always the best.

In fact, many countries rely on their air companies, or on tourism for the development of their own economy, and often, air travel is faster, and, safer. Air travel is beginning to get criticism a lot, as the global warming is raising tension, and, because it is one Of the most visible, it is the scapegoat Of many. But as we explored it through our article, we can conclude that it is not one of our biggest worries, and we must focus right now on the polluter who is destroying our planet the most.

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