Save the Environment from Pollution Assignment

Save the Environment from Pollution Assignment Words: 318

Environment is combination between physic condition including nature energy source situation like land water mineral with plant mandrills which grow up on the ground and in the ocean with institutional including humidification like decision how to use that the physic environmental hearing the meaning we can take a conclusion that environment is very important to our life, but , Even we know environment is very important we can’t evade the environment pollution problem The example Water pollution land and river, city pollution, contamination soil by trash, acid rain, contamination of radioactive essence and global warming.

That pollution have a source from the polluter which come from a lot of source endangering air, water and land in different ways. For air polluter usually from vehicle industries. And for water polluter usually from industries and agriculture. Environment pollution is our problem together Which very important to be solve because contain the continuing of our life. Who ever we must do something to solve environment pollution problem start from the smallest environment, our own self until the bigger environment.

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We can solve he environment pollution problem with two step. First, decree polluter from the soccer to prevent bigger impact to the environment. For example decreasing amount of trash than bee product,using again and recycle. For example industries decrease amount water than be used, and decreasing amount of waste . And second ,very important to keep environment statistical and healthy . For example making of sustainability environment and using technology to solve environment problem .

And for global problem like climate change , ozone problem ,and global warming needed corporation all of side between one country and another . Not so hard , right ? So have we care about pollution which happen in our environment ? For that in my speech today I want to invite all the audience to save our environment from densitometer pollution problem.

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