I Have A Dream: Pollution edition Assignment

I Have A Dream: Pollution edition Assignment Words: 297

“l Have a Dream” My dream is to minimize the amount of pollution and waste in the United States. Pollution can be very harmful both to humans and nature. Pollution can cause physical deformities such as cancer and environmental harm such as acid rain, destruction to the ozone layer that protects the world from UP rays emitted by the sun. With the help of our nation, we can help reduce the nationwide pollution in our cities and the countryside. We can achieve this dream by working together. Normal, everyday people can recycle and also cut down on emissions.

In order to reduce emissions here in America, we can cut back on our carbon footprint. In order to do this, we can carpool, use fewer aerosols, and also be more cautious of our everyday activities. Companies can be restricted on what amounts of materials that they can develop that can by destructive to the environment. We can develop more environmentally safe cars and put electric outlets for electric car right next to the parking meters on every city street. People can also listen to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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All us people have to do is work together in our own communities. We can create a recycling management company that is located in every major region of every state that picks up the materials and recycles them into useful items that we can then use here in the United States or export through trade to generate more income in the United States. Although these are only some suggestions on how we Americans can become more echo-friendly, I think that these ideas can help begin a safer future for the Earth. I hope that someday that my dream may come true.

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