How To Prepare For Volcanoes Assignment

How To Prepare For Volcanoes Assignment Words: 288

In addition, they must to listen to the radio or watch TV at home to know about any update about the volcanoes. Also, they should stay away from active volcanoes to be ready to leave the area and use goggles and the masks are helpful in an emergency to protect the face. This is some steps to help the people life near for the volcanoes and to be prepared for it. The government always want to protect the people for any dangerous case and they have many ways to protect people for any risks.

Firstly, should the overspent to teach the community how to be in safe for many risks for the volcanoes. For example, Print brochure and distributed to the people for volcanoes to make sure they know what they do if any explosions from volcanoes happening. Secondly, should the government build many ways for escape to routes highway to save the lives of the people. In last, should the government send massage to the people for any update if the volcano will be active. For example, put an alarm bell around the city so people can heard hen the explosion of a volcanoes happen.

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Finally, these few of the points must be handled by the government to protect the people for any risk. In conclusion, volcanoes of natural phenomena since ancient times. A lot of people live there because they were born there and they didn’t have another place to move to it. In addition, the government should help people to protect them from any risk for the Volcanoes. Also, the government can help the people after the natural disaster to Build new housing for the people.

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