Global Warming Is the Greatest Threat to Our World Today. Assignment

Global Warming Is the Greatest Threat to Our World Today. Assignment Words: 1025

Global warming has chain reaction effect, causing one thing which leads to the next and so on. Contrary to what others may think, no other problem compares to the intensity Of global warming. This is because global warming affects everyone worldwide, nitrous certain people. Also, many of these problems that we may believe are the greatest threat to our world today stem from global warming such as climate change, the melting of glaciers, and spread of diseases. Evidently, global warming is the greatest threat to our world today. The arctic is like a canary in a coal mine. ” This simile comparing the artic to canary refers to the melting of ice glaciers in the arctic. Just as a canary is sent underground to test for the presence of toxins in the air, the affects of global warming melting the arctic shows us that these effects are a dramatic signal or indicator of impending natural disaster. As glaciers melt, the ocean level rises, causing flooding to surrounding areas. According to the National Snow and Ice Date Center, if all glaciers melted today, the seas would rise about 230 feet.

This would have a huge impact and could flood an entire land mass such as New Zealand, killing thousands of people and destroying the land. Another problem with these glaciers melting is that they are freshwater while the ocean is saltwater. These masses of saltwater ice blocks melting will throw off the balance of salt water in the oceans. This will mess up ocean currents in places such as the Gulf of Mexico, which regulate temperature. As the arctic melts, less and less clean drinking water becomes available which will lead to competition for clean water sources in places where this never was a problem.

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Pressures begin to shift due to the melting of these ice sheets, which allows for the Earth’s crust to “bounce back”, causing volcanic eruptions in unexpected areas. This was experienced in Iceland during the Go;lap eruption. These volcanic actions send unwanted gases and solids into the Earth’s atmosphere, affecting the climate. As one can easily see through the example of glaciers melting, global warming is the greatest threat to our world today. If you have lived in one place for a significant amount often, you may have noticed a slight increase in temperature.

This is due to global warming’s worldwide affect on climate. This increasing temperature is due to the atmosphere thickening because of too may harmful emissions being let out into the air that remain as a “blanket” above the earth. The most common of these emissions are carbon dioxide (ICC) and methane. As temperature rises, the probability of a stronger hurricane hitting us increases. This is due to ocean temperature rising and was seen during 2004 and 2005. While some places will see an increase in rain and flooding, other areas will experience serious droughts and heat waves.

Studies show that Africa will have to go through the worst of these droughts, leading to fighting and war over water resources; this is evident in Darker and Niger already. Another problem arising from global warming negatively impacting climate change is the increase in fires and wildfires. The black carbon or “soot’ resulting from these fires accounts for 18% of the planet’s global warming. These fires also lead to deforestation, which let off even more harmful emissions causing air pollution. This was evident in 2007 when Southeastern Europe experienced more than 3,000 fires during a long, hot summer.

Many would agree that because Of these extremely harmful effects global warming has on the earth, it is the greatest threat to our world today. Another negative effect global warming has on the earth is the spread of diseases. As countries become warmer, insects migrate north. These insects carry diseases and plagues which they bring to these northern countries, such as mosquito carrying malaria. Malaria and other similar disease carried by migrating insects jump from one host to the next, infected a whole community within a small amount of time.

With so many patients becoming infecting so quickly, public health services are becoming overwhelmed, leading to a negative impact on the economy. Similar to how global warming is affecting humans through disease, it is also affecting humans through the buildup of smog. Smog is a powerful combination of vehicle fumes, ground; bevel ozone, and airborne industrial pollution that represents an immediate chronic health threat to those living in revolutionized or built-up urban areas.

As global warming poses the threat of increasing temperature, smog-related deaths are expected to rise by 4. 5% from the 1 sass to the asses. Not only is global warming killing humans from warming the earth, it is also killing animals. This loss of biodiversity is due to the increase in temperatures melting glaciers and causing wildfires and deforestation. Polar bears are becoming endangered because their habitat is melting and native trees and ashes are having trouble reproducing with all the forests being destroyed.

Evidently, global warming is the greatest threat to our world today because it is killing humans and disrupting migratory cycles by killing animal and plants. Although many problems pose a threat to our world today, it can easily be proven that global warming is the most serious of them all. Global warming causes a variety of problems, all which negatively affect our world around us. Firstly, global warming causes the melting of glaciers which leads to many other problems. These problems include the loss of available drinking water, increased volcanic action, and major flooding of nearby areas.

Global warming also affects worldwide climate and temperature increases. Our atmosphere is thickening because we are polluting it with harmful emissions. This increase in temperature leads to biodiversity loss, stronger hurricanes, serious droughts, disrupted reproduction and migration cycles, more heat waves, and unwanted wildfires. Lastly, global warming is increasingly killing humans through carried diseases and plagues due to climate changes and smog buildup in urban areas. Not only is global warming killing people, but also animals and plants.

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