Global Warming in Finland Assignment

Global Warming in Finland Assignment Words: 264

Global warming is one of the most serious challenges facing us today. It is already affecting the world as we know it; endangering polar bears, shortening ski seasons and creating more intense storms. Global warming is caused by the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, hence increasing the average temperature of the earth. Scientists have stated that the average temperature will likely rise a further to 6 co still during the 21st century.

Global warming is causing numerous problems all around the world, but articulately only a small percentage of those problems are found in Finland. However, though we might not have the same amount of problems, as for example USA has, we still are affected by global warming. The increasing average temperature speeds the growth Of the forests and cultivates the harvest of the farmers. Yet, the vermin that are terrorizing the farmers are multiplying at the same time. Global warming also affects the living conditions of the plants and animals.

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Species that flourish in cold conditions will have their living spaces narrowed ND species that get on well in the more temperate conditions will overwhelm the area. If the climate gets warm too fast, various species will find themselves in trouble adjusting to the quick change-over. For example the reindeer-attendance in Lapin will become more difficult to take care of. Extremely fast climate change can also weaken significantly the Gulf Stream, which heats the Northern Europe, at which point the average temperature of Finland would lower approximately 10 degrees by comparison to other world.

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