Global Warming in Developed and Developing Countries Assignment

Global Warming in Developed and Developing Countries Assignment Words: 622

The 2009 united Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit was dedicated the deduction Of Sigh emission (Wisped 2010) This shows that global warming has become a global problem. This essay will firstly analyses causes of global warming then it will compare the carbon dioxide emissions in developed &developing countries and finally, it will compare the carbon dioxide emissions in developing countries. Because carbon dioxide has increased about 30% in the Earth’s atmosphere it has trapped too much heating to the plane. Global temperatures have climbed about 0. Degrees Celsius in last century lead a global warming. The reasons for global warming are complex. Firstly, some scientists point out hat there are some natural causes that should not be ignored, such as volcanic activity. The volcanic eruption in Iceland is a good example. Secondly, most scientists maintain that humans, by burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, are largely to blame for the increase in carbon dioxide. There are two reasons for the problem. The first reason is that people who live in poverty (some developing regions) and do not have enough food deforest for farm land, this makes the condition worse.

Secondly, scientists learned that there are several greenhouse gases responsible for warming, and humans emit them in a variety of ways. Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production. Therefore, governments and organizations should fulfill their responsibility to solve this problem. Maybe, necessary tasks for them are reducing Sigh emission, developing renewable energy and improving economic development model. Consequently, developing regions and developed regions should response commonly and differently.

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There are significant differences in the amount of CO between developed and developing countries. According to the tablet we can see the figures. In total, developing countries emit more Sigh than developed countries. Firstly; this is because of their increasingly large populations. Secondly, the high- carbon economic development model causes that some developing countries have to develop at the expense of environments. However, based on the data of per capita emissions, it is easy to see that developed countries emit far more Sigh than developing countries.

This shows that developed countries should assume the responsibilities for reducing greenhouses emission while they get more profits from industry produce. Table 1: CO emissions total, per capita and per $1 GAP (APP) 2006 Developing countries I Developed countries missions (millions of metric tons) I I per capita emissions metric tons of CO | 13,817 I Total 12,244 12. 6 Source: United Nations Another interesting fact is that there are some differences among developing countries. Graphs , shows 2 significant features.

Firstly, developed regions among developing countries such as China and India emit far more than others. Depending on the high carbon economic structure, developing countries which are developing at an amazing rate but lack high technical levels, are hardly to advance by cleaner production. It is time for the developing countries to start low carbon sustainable development. In addition, regions which lack of water or are located inland emit more than other regions. There are not enough renewable resources like water there. As a result, people there burn fossil fuel to get power.

In a conclusion, the developing countries, which are located inland or not easy to get renewable energy emit more SIGH than other developing countries in the same regions. Graphs [pick] Source: United Nations In conclusion, global warming is a serious global threat to humans. We should respond for our future and try our best to slow down the steps of global warming. Countries should work together to solve this problem. Public wariness should be increased. Everyone can contribute to protecting our environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

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