Global Warming Assignment

Global Warming Assignment Words: 340

There are already many natural disasters, for example earthquakes in Mexico or floods in Pakistan, probably the first effects caused by global warming. But that is just the beginning; the number of natural disasters will increase in the future. In my speech tell you something about global warming and what we can do to prevent it. At first define the term “global warming’: It is the change of the climate caused by the people for example the destruction of the ozone layer and the results of it. The reasons are diverse. One reason is the greenhouse gas emission. Almost everyone has a car that causes CO.

CO prevents that the heat is flowed-off to the space, so the temperature on the earth increases. As a result it rains more and the size of the land decreases or the weather becomes more extreme, the summers are often very hot and in winter it is very cold. Furthermore ice melts, so that there is still more water in the oceans and the size of the land becomes smaller. The researches suppose, that whole islands or countries could disappear, because they are flooded by water. On the one hand there will be too much water, on the other hand there will be too less drinking water, especially in regions, in hat are nowadays high temperatures.

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As already mentioned the number of natural disasters will be higher, hurricanes and floods won’t be rare, they will appear in our region, too. I have just named some facts about global warming, I think everyone wants to prevent it. Therefore you should stop global warming. It won’t be easy, but little things can help. So you shouldn’t use the car for every short way, walk to the post box or use public transports to your place of work. Such little things can help us to save the earth. Again I prompt you to stop global warming, or would you rather author house is destroyed by a natural disaster?

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