Global Warming And Climate Change Assignment

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The sun is the supplier with the most energy that drives biological and physical processes meaning trees and other plants which have a big impact on the carbon dioxide levels. It also drives our weather by warming the air in the atmosphere. Over the past 1200 years the climate has closely matched the solar activities showing proof that the sun is a huge indicator of the global temperature and climate change and not humans. The people that blame humans are looking for money and attention from the government and citizens. They are more concerned with that than the actual problem.

Fifth universities believe in broadcast that its humans then the government will fund the research and universities will benefit from blaming us. People who believe that its humans can change the world and make it a complete green world although its costing more money and in the long run it won’t make a difference. Not to mention I believe that even the governments are getting into it. The developed countries like Canada and the United States are blaming green house gases and aren’t allowing the undeveloped or developing countries to use the cheap energy sources burning coal and natural gases. Because of that the undeveloped countries will never be able to develop and the developed countries will excel with their safe (green) energy sources. Finally green house gases are the issue that so many are worried about because of the government emphasis on how much we produce in our everyday activities. Although that’s not the problem at all compared to solar activities. Only 0. 04 per cent of all gases in the atmosphere are carbon dioxide which is the main gas that we produce as humans.

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Also before humans had any machines or vehicles that produced armful gases (CO) like in the sass’s and early 1 ass’s the temperatures rose even without the gases being emitted. Last but not least, in the sass’s during WWW the global climate dropped steadily for 30 years. After the war there was a huge baby boom and new mega projects in the ass’s and ass’s although the CO level still dropped at a study rate . It was the biggest technological advancement in history throughout that era although the climate still steadily dropped showing that it has no impact on the climate evidently. In conclusion,

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