Geogrpahy Sba River Pollution Assignment

Geogrpahy Sba River Pollution Assignment Words: 268

As seen in table 3, due to the dumping of garbage and other effluents disrupted the smoothness of the river. The velocity of the river varied because of this and the natural relief of the positioning of the upper and lower courses. Another observation that was deduced was that the width of the river allowed more garbage to be accumulated, decreasing the velocity. The causes responsible for this are the garbage and household disposals. These conclusions were deduced from points 1-7. The reasons for the pH being as it is (refer to table 1), is perhaps linked to the

Aberrations made from the effluent from industrial waste water and the run off of pesticides from agricultural grounds nearby. An interviewed was conducted with the person who owned the agricultural ground in which he said that the industry nearby dispose their waste into the river as was seen as well. The pH of the water was supposed to be neutral ( pH 7) but as tested, it was slightly over 7. Another interviewed was conductor in which the person resides near the river where the water was stagnant and accumulated most of the garbage at the sides of the river.

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As a result, flooding occurs and it turns to a breathing ground fro mosquitoes. The person said that one year, there was a massive flood which reached the height of half of the electricity poles. Once again, the pH of the river was altered various points of the river due to the effluents from the industry nearby and household pollutants which affected the marine life.

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