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Moreover, the fact that many other strong Vietnamese brands such as Binomial and Highland Coffee aim to jump into this market makes the competition more fiercely. To maintain position in the market, it is essential to understand what the customers in the target segment want and experience to deliver product as well as service to satisfy the needs federated customers. This paper aims to propose a comprehensive marketing plan based on the insight derived from customers, competitors, and company. The marketing aims to solve the problem preventing consumers to enjoy the standard taste Of instant coffee.

Consumers are uncertain of how to mix instant coffee to get the standard taste. This report recommends three marketing objectives in which each objective carries out specific activities. F-rosily, to increase the awareness of targeted consumers about standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1, it is crucial to produce a blind test video clip and sampling program. Secondly, to increase the interest of targeted consumers in consuming Unsafe 3 in 1 , the strategy is to organize an activation event called “Coffee mix festival”.

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The event is a great opportunity to connect people with Unsafe 3 in 1 brand and connect people together through various activities in order to achieve the goal of reading a dynamic, sociable, and connecting brand in Vietnamese consumers’ minds. Thirdly, to encourage the targeted consumers to increase their frequency of consumption of Unsafe 3 in 1, the strategy is to execute the promotion across distribution channels and make the coffee mixing clip viral on social media outlets. Unsafe 3 in 1 is committed to bring the standard taste of instant coffee mix to consumers; therefore, people can enjoy it at anytime and anywhere.

Insight Analysis and Marketing Plan for Unsafe 3 in This report is an attempt to study and understand market insights including many insight, customer insight, competitor insight, and segmentation insight. Thenceforward, the report analyzes the foundation for strategy development which consists of targeting, customer insight, and followed by positioning. After identifying consumers’ problem derived from insights, the latter part of this report specifies marketing objectives and corresponding marketing execution activities.

Market Insights This section will explore key insights obtained from the four steps of insight analysis, which are company insight, competitor insight, and segmentation insight. In practice, these steps are conducted concurrently rather than in sequence. Each step requires different specific tools and methods. The information obtained from market insight analysis contributes significantly to the marketing planning process. Company Insight This step helps identify what the current position of the company is in the instant coffee market, which has been developing fast in recent years.

After officially coming back to the Vietnam market in 1995, Nestle has put a huge effort on the Unsafe brand, especially on Unsafe Viet that was tailored to match with Vietnamese customers’ taste. As a strong international leading rand in Vietnam, Unsafe occupied a high recognition rate of 92. 4 percent in 201 3 (W & S, 2013). The primary reasons for this strong brand awareness are the long history of commitment to product quality to gain customers’ trust as well as advances in manufacturing technology. Competitor Insight This step plays an important role in companies’ positioning strategies.

In this section, the competitors will be separated into six groups in terms Of direct or indirect competitors, and their capability to compete in the market at the present. Within the scope of this report, the current direct competitors are he ones who provide instant coffee products to serve the same target segments whereas indirect competitors may sell tea and other kinds of beverages to those segments. Although Unsafe has already stayed at top three instant coffee brands along with GO and Vindicate, it is necessary to look at other direct and indirect competitors as well as their potential to compete in the market.

After investigating carefully the secondary data from various sources, it has been found that the current direct competitors that put heavy pressure on Unsafe are GO and Vindicate. These brands offer strong Vietnamese coffee taste to customers and own large market shares in the industry. While Trunk Unguent boosted their productivity up to three times after purchasing coffee plant from Binomial in 2010, Vindicate also gained strong financial and distribution support from Mamas after selling their 50. 1 1 percent of shares (DNA, 2014).

In terms of current indirect competitors, Birds, which belongs to Combination, is defined the strongest one as they offer another kind of instant coffee in canned and liquid forms that easily attract consumers who place convenience as priority. Besides the current rivals, there probable and potential competitors possibly challenge the current position of Unsafe. For instance, Penile is apparently threatening Unsafe as they has recently cooperated with Kink Do to inherit Kink Do’s nationwide distribution network.

According to Unsung (2014), Penile is planning to jump into the instant coffee market in the next few months. In addition, the biggest instant coffee manufacturer in Ala, DEG, also intends to enter the market through an exclusive distributor (Vietnam, 2014). Overall, with the strong support from the parent company, Unsafe can consider their brand petition and distribution as their relative strengths compared to others. However, they must pay a careful attention to the instant coffee’s taste and strategic moves of competitors if they want to maintain the current position.

Segmentation Insight This session will explain how the consumers are segmented as well as provide a detailed profile and approaching suggestions on each segment based on secondary data and mass survey. After then, two big target segments are defined through opportunity evaluation. According to W & S. (2013), coffee 3 in 1 captured 87 percent in Vietnamese instant coffee market beside coffee 2 n 1 and black coffee (Figure 1). For each coffee category, the proportion of male and female consumers is different (Figure 2).

While all consumers share the same benefits that they prefer in instant coffee such as convenience, the research also revealed that there are moderate variances in using purposes between male and female consumers. In regard to using purposes, there are four age groups in this research that show distinction in their needs while other demographic factors have no differences (Figure 3). After doing AMA, it is found that the men and women above 40 years old their characteristic and repose of drinking coffee are not actually different so that these two groups are combined into one.

Besides, two age groups 23 to 29 and 30 to 40 can be combined since there are similar needs across these ranges. Finally, five segmentations are School Boy and School Girl (age from 18 to 22), Working Women and Working Men (age from 23 to 40), and Late Career Working People (above 40). Each segment has their own priorities in consumption needs from the survey findings that are discussed below. School Girls and School Boys. These two groups include both male and female consumers with the age ranging from 18 to 22.

They are usually college students hence their distribution channels are convenience stores, supermarkets, wet markets and school cafeteria while the most appealed communication are social medias and TV’s. Young female consumers use instant coffee for wake up effect and boredom release while their male counterparts prefer concentration and creativity. In addition, the first priority in making decision for female drinkers is price while male drinkers mostly concern about taste and smell. Working Men. Working Men are male consumers aging from 23 to 40 including both blue and white-collar workers.

Distribution channels for this segment are street store, convenience store and supermarket. Besides social media and TV’s, they can be approached by traditional newspaper and online news. Comparing to School Boy group, Working Men shares the top priorities including strong taste, energy boosted and convenience. However, Working Men are less price-sensitive and focus more on caring purpose while School Boy is interested in health effect. Working Women. Working Women are female consumers aging from 23 to 40. The communication and distribution channel are similar to Working Men.

However, one of the most effective striation channels for Working Women but not for Working Men is wet market. People in this group prefer the coffee with different taste and is no harm for their skin. When buying instant coffee they care much about the price, the promotion and the attractive of the package. Late Career Working people. Late Career Working People are above 40 year-old consumers who can only be reached by TV, newspaper and online news. People in this group care most about health and they want to have the instant coffee that has good quality and good for their health.

This group also prefers the product tit reasonable price and many of promotions. Strategy Development After understanding the company insight, competitor insight, and segmentation insight, this section will study the targeting by analyzing attractiveness and competitiveness of each segment, which helps identifying the targeted segment. Thenceforth, customer insight will be explored based on learning from in-depth interview. This section also explores the positioning of Unsafe brand into consumers’ minds. Targeting The segments are evaluated based on attractiveness and competitiveness.

To have a profound view regarding these two perspectives, an in-depth interview as been conducted to examine all segments. According to W & S. (201 3), the key success factors include sales forces, good product quality, marketing effectiveness, distribution channel, and competitive price. While sales forces, quality, and distribution channel show no differences across all segments, marketing effectiveness and competitive price can have different impacts on each segment regarding unique characteristics of each segment. Unsafe has competitive price that can appeal to female consumers.

In addition, Nestle also has advantages in marketing because of its strong presence in ultimate, which is the suitable communication channel for below 40 years old segments. Among the segments, Working Men and Women are highly attractive in terms of growth and accessibility. These two segments account for middle to high disposable income, implying that their purchasing power is high. These segments also pose big opportunity for growth because of high and rising demand. Besides, these segments have the highest consumption rate. They additionally can be reached at most distribution channels.

Among 87. 1 percent of people drink 3 in 1 coffee, the proportion of male and female are approximately equal (W & S. 2013). Hence, the opportunity analysis suggests that the two segments Working Men and Working Women should be targeted with Unsafe 3 in 1. Customer Insight Among all the insights, the insight from the customers is the most important one because the ultimate role of marketing is to making the profit based on satisfying the needs of customers. Therefore, understanding the insight of customers should be the central of a marketing plan.

There are several steps and tools needed to conduct to get customer insight such as decision-making unit analysis, needs landscape analysis, hierarchy value mapping, buying recess analysis, multiple value model, and total experience analysis. Those steps can be conducted by using secondary research, survey, focus group, and in depth interview. This report uses secondary research, survey and in depth interview as ways to discover customer insights. Decision making unit. According to the survey and in depth interview, most respondents said that they buy the instant coffee on their own because they can choose what they want.

They buy coffee to satisfy their own preference and other people can rarely influence their purchasing decision. Therefore, the coffee users play he most important role in the decision-making by being the user, the buyer and also the payer. Buying process. The respondents pointed out that they do not often search for the information about instant coffee because they think that the cost of instant coffee is not contributed much in their budget hence it is not worth the effort of searching the information. They just go to the store and choose the kind they want and try it.

However, some of the respondents said that they might ask the retailers for suggestions to consider when they are buying. Furthermore, most of respondents said that they might try the impaling that the promotion girls give them but do not sure; they will buy after they try. They often stick to the original brand that they choose because they believe the taste of the first brand they choose is the best. Most Of the respondents stated that they often buy instant coffee at the supermarket and street shop due to the convenience and availability of the products they like.

Some respondents such as GO users said that they often buy instant coffee at the coffee store because they perceived themselves having higher status when they buy coffee at the coffee shop. Needs analysis. According to the arrest research about instant coffee of Beneficiaries in 201 3, people mostly use instant coffee to stay awake and to concentrate. Some said that they use instant coffee because they want to release stress and they need to be creative. Interestingly, some people also response that they drink coffee when they have bad mood and because this is their habits.

In the in depth interview, most respondents said that the reasons why they choose instant coffee is to save money, save the time waiting for the coffee to ready and they believe that the quality of instant coffee is much better than the street-selling Effie. Besides, according to W & S (2013), the main reasons why people choose to use instant coffee are the attractive smell, easy preparation and the saving time for preparation. In addition, most of respondents said that they care about the product quality, price, distribution, advertising and customer service when they choose any brand of the instant coffee.

Among those criteria, the most important is the product quality. Some respondents expressed that they want to have the health-driven instant coffee, for example, having nutrition. They also want to have diet instant coffee and good-for-skin coffee. A lot of people express that they want the coffee that can be mixed with cold water. They find it little inconvenient to find the hot water in order to drink instant coffee. Moreover, many respondents said that they want the instant coffee that resembles exactly the roasted coffee that was prepared by pippin. Total experience analysis Usage.

Among people who involved in the depth interview and responded to the survey, most of them said that they do read usage instructions. Although they think the instruction is easy to understand but they do not follow exactly the instruction. They mix coffee based on their own visual measurement and experience. There are some people responding that they do not need to read because they do not see the purpose of reading and following the instruction. People who said that they just mix the coffee based on their own estimation also indicated that they experienced different quality of the coffee every time they drink instant coffee.

Concerns. Some respondents think drinking coffee makes them fat. In some brands of instant coffee, they experience the creamy after-taste and do not like it. Some female respondents concern about drinking lots of iced milk coffee because they are afraid of gaining weights. Positioning Because the target segments are men and women from 23 to 40, Nestle positions Unsafe 3 in 1 as the dynamic, sociable, and international brand that devoted to Vietnamese taste (Figure 4).

According to survey, most of the respondents perceive Unsafe 3 in 1 brand as young modern, friendly, dynamic. This is indeed what Nestle wants to position its Unsafe 3 In 1 brand in the minds of consumers. Marketing plan also has to support to shape this positioning into consumers’ minds. Marketing Plan This section explains the consumers’ problem derived from customer insight, and goes on by declaring the marketing objectives for targeted segment. Afterwards, this section describes detailed activities in each phase of the campaign “Standard Coffee Mix”.

Consumers’ Problem After conducting the total experience analysis, it is clear that many instant coffee drinkers experience different tastes of coffee when they mix instant coffee based on their own estimation. As a result, it is unlikely that they enjoy the standard taste of instant coffee at all times they drink. Therefore, the job of marketers is to propose an implantable marketing plan that persuades consumers to drink more Unsafe 3 in 1 by providing a thorough communication message of drinking a standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1.

In addition, marketers are responsible to maintain the sustainability of a marketing plan by meeting marketing objectives, which are discussed in the following paragraphs. Marketing Objectives After defining the targeted segment as people aged from 23 to 40, it is necessary to determine marketing objectives for the targeted segment. Two types of marketing objectives are specified: short-term objectives and long term objectives. One of the short-term objectives is to increase interest and desire of consumers when they drink Unsafe 3 in 1 . In addition, it is essential to increase the frequency of consumption of Unsafe in 201 5 by 15%.

In long- term objectives, it is Nascence’s priority to become the most desired and friendly used brand for instant coffee in Vietnam in five years. Moreover, to carry on Nestles history of success, Unsafe is focused on sustaining as a reliable brand Of nutrition in consumers’ minds. The Campaign “Standard Coffee Mix” In order to solve consumers’ problem in alignment with the achievement of marketing objectives, it is fundamental to launch a campaign called “Standard Coffee Mix” which will run in three big cities such as: Ho Chi Mini City, Ha Non, and Dad Nag from March to June 2015.

The campaign carries three immunization objectives. The first objective is to increase the awareness of targeted consumers about standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1. The second objective is to increase the interest of targeted consumers in consuming Unsafe 3 in 1. The third objective is to encourage the targeted consumers to increase their frequency of consumption of Unsafe 3 in 1. The key objective of the campaign is to increase awareness and interest of consumers in mixing and drinking the standard Unsafe 3 in 1 .

The slogan Of the campaign is “drinking coffee like an artist’ to trigger consumers’ thinking towards the reception of mixing instant coffee in a right way leading to enjoying a rich and aromatic cup of coffee. The symbol of the campaign is Unsafe Red cup with a measurement spoon. Since Unsafe 3 in Xi’s goal is to encourage people to consume more coffee, AID model is applied to set objectives. AID model explains that in order to persuade people to take a particular action, it is important to attract their attention about relevant issues.

Afterwards, it is necessary to generate interest and desire in people regarding how the issues are beneficial to them. Last but not least, it is vital to convince people to take action such as buying products or services offered by a company. The first objective. To increase the awareness of targeted consumers about standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1, the appropriate strategy is to use visual appeal such as video clip and sampling to increase curiosity and introduce the idea of standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1 to consumers.

Speaking of tactics, a testimonial video clip would be produced to show the result of a blind test between standard coffee mix and consumers’ mix. Specifically, an outdoor gathering would be organized to conduct a blind test. A group of instant Effie drinkers possibly including 50 people and two to three coffee experts would be invited to the blind test. MAC pan Ann. would be the host of the gathering. In a blind test, there would be two samples of Unsafe 3 in 1, one is standard mix and the other is consumer’ mix. The host would randomly pick a consumer from the crowd to do the consumer’ mix.

Since coffee experts and the consumer crowd would be the judges and witnesses for the blind test, they would taste two samples of coffee. The blind test would be filmed, featuring consumers’ good feedback towards the standard mix of Unsafe 3 in 1 . The testimonial clip would be posted on Unsafe Vietnamese Faceable page and Youths channel as well as shown in office buildings to generate consumers’ curiosity about standard coffee mix. In addition, a sampling program called ‘the best taste of coffee when you are in a hurry’ would be implemented during March.

This sampling program would be conducted in supermarkets, convenience stores, and office buildings. When promotion girls and boys distribute samples of standard Unsafe 3 in 1 mix, they are required to communicate the idea of standard instant coffee mix to consumers. The second objective. To increase the interest of targeted consumers in consuming Unsafe 3 in 1, the strategy is to organize an activation event called “Coffee mix festival”. It is creative to have a “coffee bus” that brings the festival to all three cities: Ho Chi Mini City, Ha Non, and Dad Nag during the time of April and May.

In the festival, there are a lot of activities, group games, mini competitions, and prizes to attract and maintain good traffic. Through a variety of activities, the festival aims to connect consumers to Unsafe 3 in 1 brand and connect people together. In addition, the festival is expected to envoy a message that: Unsafe is a leading international brand for instant coffee; furthermore, Unsafe is committed to be a dynamic, sociable, and friendly brand and tailored for Vietnamese consumers. The key activity of the event is the mixing coffee contest, featuring three teams competing against each other.

Each team is given a five times-sized cup and provided the recipe of standard coffee mix, material, and equipment to mix coffee based on their measurement. The winning team will make coffee that has the same taste to the standard. Judges are people at the event approximately ten people and three coffee experts. The third objective. To encourage the targeted consumers to increase their frequency of consumption of Unsafe 3 in 1, the strategy is to carry out the promotion “enjoy the coffee of your taste” across general trade and modern trade channels and produce “how to mix standard instant coffee” clip.

The promotion would start running from the beginning of June until the end of month. Specifically, a normal box of Unsafe 3 in 1 costs 46,000 VEND, now with the promotion, one box of Unsafe 3 in 1 additionally including one red cup and a measurement spoon in different designs for men and women costs 50,VEND. Besides, it is essential to produce an emotion- river instruction TV featuring MAC Pan Ann. demonstrating how to mix standard instant coffee. The key message of the TV is to encourage targeted consumers to bring the Red cup to office and drink more coffee of their tastes by using a measurement spoon.

Conclusion The marketing plan cannot be successful if the company does not conduct carefully and through detailed steps to discover customer insight, competitive insight as well as company insight and to perform segmentation analysis correctly. After conducting those steps, the company can identify some insights that can provide focus to develop a marketing campaign. This report explores the problem associated with targeted customers, which is that they cannot prepare the consistently qualified coffee due to their estimation of mixing.

This originates idea for the marketing campaign “Standard coffee mix” to solve the problem. The main marketing objective is to increase the interest as well as the frequency of purchasing from targeted customers through several activities including video clip broadcasting and sampling at office building coffee mix festival day and promotion. The marketing plan needs to be in line with the positioning of Unsafe as dynamic and young and has to lock that image into customers’ minds.

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