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Basically, gender inequality is an unequal treatment in terms of gender, male and female. Gender inequality is mainly – discrimination of women. So women have fewer job opportunities and they do work which is believed not to be a work for men. Long time ago women used to do the housework and look after children, and men used to work and earn money. Nowadays we can see that women are treated unequally to men in some LED countries: African countries, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim countries.

But gender inequality still exists in some extent in every country in he world in main areas of the society: political, economical and sometimes in social. Main body (Discussion) Gender inequality in social area of society Mainly the service area (education, culture, healthcare, social welfare, public transport and etc. ) is included into social area. So, basically, here we can see the most unequal treatment of men and women. In all those African and Muslim countries women are treated unequally in this social area. In other countries (MED countries: US, Russia, Japan etc. , if there is an unequal treatment, then it mostly happens in economical and political areas. As an example of a country with unequal treatment, I will choose Pakistan. In Pakistan you can see gender inequality, for example in terms of education. In education, gender inequality means that women are not able to study and after have an education. Women just stay at home and do all the housework like washing, cooking; they also look after children, because kids are needed to help their mothers, so usually families are really big.

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Historically, in 1 9th century feminist-sympathetic movement communities tried to isolate women from any contact with men. On 14th of August, 1947 Pakistan was officially independent, but more than a half of Pakistani women are not independent even now. Pakistan believes that women were created only to take care of their husbands. Women’s only job is to make sure that her husband is satisfied and happy with his life. So women in Pakistan have to learn how to be a good daughter, sister and mother. Nowadays, Women are kept treating this way. They are also forbidden to go to schools.

A lot of people (men) are against education for women, in Pakistan. There were so many crimes, when omen tried to kill a woman or a girl. Sometimes that happened, when a woman tried to study secretly. Gender inequality in economical area of society Economical area is a sphere of trading, exchange, producing, consuming and distribution of goods and services. Methods of producing and wealth distribution are the main factors that determine specificity of economic relations. Gender inequality in this area is not aggressive as it is in social area. We can see these inequalities in a few ways.

Lets say there is a company, which is a part of secondary sector, so the employees are people who work tit machines and machinery. It means that men are more likely to work in those companies, as it would be a really hard work for women. So from this example, we can say that women are allowed to work there, but they don’t, because its difficult for them and also they don’t want to. In other companies, in primary sector, some employers prefer to hire men, because if you will have woman working on your company, then you can decrease company’s productivity.

Women might get pregnant, so she gets some rest (from 3 to 16 months, depends on a country), and after she’ll have to look after her hillier. And men will always be there on his workplace. Gender inequality in political area of society political area is a sphere Of people’s relations, which are mainly related to each other in terms of politics and government. Before one of the most worrisome issues was an unequal treatment of women in government and administrative office. Involving women in politics so much distinguished countries like Lithuania.

As this country was technologically developing the people’s lifestyle was changing a lot. In this process women started gaining ore stuff to do including the right to vote in presidential elections. Conclusion In social area, there are still a lot of gender inequalities, especially in poor LED countries. In Pakistan some men are even able to kill women, who are trying to get education, get a job and etc. I think that it’s not right, and men and women should be equal. Equality leads to country’s development and industrialization or at least helps it. In the economical area the only border for women are the requirements.

Women are allowed to work, but their wage might be smaller, and the rotgut’s quality might be lower, because, for example, men are better in working on the factories with all those machines. But it’s not necessarily like that, and of course women can sometimes work even better than men, especially in the primary sector. In political area women doesn’t really have problems, maybe only in LED countries where they are treated unequally to men. You can see some women politician that work in the government, even though it’s rare. In my opinion, women should be equal to men, have the same opportunities, abilities and etc.

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