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A city where beauty lays in everything you see. That was up until recently. Now, I have the pleasure as city council chairman to deal with this unexpected environmental change that is happening to our great city. With the new factories, came new businesses, with the new businesses came more people, more people more resources get used, more land gets developed and with the development Of land for houses we lose a lot Of valuable resources such as trees and water.

Without those and without a solution to the problems and without a plan in place, we will destroy our once beautiful city. Counsel men and counsel women I urge you stand beside me and follow me to see our city grow, but grow with the knowledge that we as their leaders did all we could to the best of our ability took the necessary steps to correct the issues at hand and put a plan in place to curb future issues. In Gauge. 2007, I commissioned a company by the name of Reenter to do some environmental pollution research to determine what steps need to be taken, that can curb, cut back and stop air, water, and soil pollution.

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Reenter, will also consult us on ways to reduce waste and manage it better. We will look at bio, and non-bio ways to reduce our waste. They will also help with finding ways to be more energy efficient to reduce money spent on outside energy sources. That means the excess money saved can go towards future projects to strengthen our infrastructure. I compiled all the research material collected by Reenter and came up with what is the best course of action to take against these issues.

The first phase consist of passing legislation to install pollution control devices in factories. Provide tax incentives to factories that meet the ideal mission standards. This is very expensive and I can understand companies are upset because this process cost so much, but be not dismayed. Passed this bill with everything in mind. The city will help with the cost up to a certain percent. But this is a must and shall be put into effect at its earliest convenience. The other concept that I will implement is to establish “Green Belts” around the city.

What it consist of is planting of trees around the city and outlying areas to help with the control of carbon dioxide that comes from the factories and other carbon emitting transportation. We must do our part n the cycle to replenish what we use and take only what we need. Now I know I will get much flak for this, but this is something each and every citizen Of Echoic will undergo, Random Emission Testing. What this means is that, there Will be random emission checks scheduled and vehicles on the road that fail will be given a warning first and told to get their car tuned up.

For those that have been warned and chose not to get their car tuned up, they will be penalized and fined. The final step in this phase is to employees to carpool. With carpooling we hope to lessen the number of vehicles on the dad thus saving resources and eliminating carbon emissions. Phase two in my three step plan is to deal Waste Management. My first plan of action is to allocate more land to build composting facilities. Which means we are going to start composting organic solid waste. I understand the concerns about rodents and insects, but be assured we have everything in control.

We will also use Premeditation methods at the land fields. We will do a test run to see if this is something we want to do. In a nut shell what premeditation is, is the use of bacteria and other different kinds of microorganisms for decomposing waste. Draws back are minor and the clean-up is very cost effective. The second and third plan go hand in hand. We will promote the recycling of waste and other household materials. As a public eye opener we will launch environmental awareness campaigns to educate the citizens as what they can recycle and also where to go to recycle.

The third and final phase Of my three Step plan is to implement an energy conservation bill to curb and level out our energy spending and usage. We must become dependent upon our own resources and stop the subleasing of energy for our homes and business from outside sources. I plan on generating wind energy by installing windmills. We have a fair amount of wind each and every year, so there is no real downside or draw backs. Secondly, plan on encouraging more use of solar energy.

We have an abundant amount of hours of sunlight each day and a fairly high amount of days with sunlight each year. So in that aspect of it we are in great position and the cost is within budget. The final plan of action is to use a more energy efficient way to light our streets, parks, signs and building. These are the structured plans that I have made in accordance with the research provided by Reenter. This is what gust be done if we want to continue living in the nature and beauty which is Echoic. [The body of your paper uses a half-inch first line indent and is double- spaced.

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