Environmental Pollution Simulationand Summary Assignment

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City council is concerned that due to the increase of pollution the city will lose the title as well as hamper the development Of the city in the long run. Steps to Clean up the town The City Council decides to take a survey to find out What issues the residents felt needed to be addressed right away. According to the survey residents felt the top priority is to have a clean and healthy environment, as well as less tramcar and increase of water availability.

To help achieve a clean and healthy environment the City Council decides to hire a company that specializes in environmental consulting while offering advice on environmental policy, the company is Reenter Environ Inc. Along with the consulting firm the city also hired a market research company, Stockades, Inc. , to conduct polls of the residents’ acceptance level of proposed tactics recommended by Reenter, both companies will work closely together in submitting reports to City Council. Role in the Simulation The City Council allocated a budget of 44 million Euros for undertaking the environmental issues in Echoic.

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In the simulation my role was a 2 year chairperson on the Echoic City Council’s policy-making panel. With help from Kerr. ‘chic’s Mayor and an Environmental consultant to aide me in making sections on what approaches to use for achieving a clean and healthy environment. “All that Smoke” Simulation In this simulation, I had to select measures from options listed by Reenter to effectively reduce levels of pollution in Echoic environment while considering budget constraints, time resistance and popular acceptance Of the measures. Ad a budget of 18 million Euros to use and seven different options offered by Reenter to choose from. I chose to go With four out Of the seven measures offered; Pollution Control Legislation, Random Emission Testing, Establish Green Belts and Encourage Carpools Among Employees. Pollution Control Legislation for Factories would greatly reduce the pollution emissions of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and carbon oxides like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxides. Even though there may be some resistance from factory owners because of the high cost, this measure is important in bring the pollution levels down in Keening.

The incentive of receiving tax rebates are likely to encourage factory owners to implement the measure. Random emission testing would help in curbing the pollution levels in the city by holding automobile owners more accountable for their vehicle releasing pollutants over the restricted level. Even though this measure does not score high With residents on the acceptance level report by Stockades, this measure is cost effective and environmentally sound. The establishment Of green belts in the city is a highly effective measure in reduction of pollution.

Not only is this method cost effective and ascetically pleasing it also ranked high on Stockades survey of acceptance. Planting trees is a great way to control carbon dioxide levels in Echoic. Encouraging carpools among employees is a good measure for checking pollution levels in Echoic. Having fewer vehicles on the road will lessen the amount of OIC emissions and also reduce fuel consumption. The City Council moved to offer tax incentives to companies who encourage carpooling to its employees. Heap to Trash” Simulation In this simulation Echoic City Council has determined that overall waste has increased at a rate of 8 percent and is under pressure to implement immediate measures to tackle the situation, I have an allocated budget of 20 million euros to spend on effective methods of waste management and disposal to reduce waste in the city. The methods I chose are Compost Organic Solid Waste, Purchase Additional Incinerators, Employ Premeditation Methods at Landfills, Use of Phototypesetting Methods and to Launch Campaign to Create Environmental Awareness.

In the scenario I did not chose the ideal measures for waste disposal and cutback in waste at source, only four Out Of the five measures chose are considered effective. The use of phototypesetting methods might not be the most effective measure for waste disposal because the roots Of the plants cannot reach very deep into the soil. There is also a concern that insects and Other animals might eat the plants and could risk the possibility Of introducing the toxins into the food web. The method I should have considered s to promote recycling of materials, this is a good measure for reduction in waste generation.

Although it can be expensive, recycling also generates revenue through creation of jobs. ‘The Energy Quandary’ Simulation In this simulation Reenter has recommended in their report that Echoic should become less dependent on Rider-voile Power Administration (RAP) power through conservation measures and efforts to reduce per capita consumption of energy. Reenter recommends developing alternative methods of generating energy. I have to take measures to tackle the energy issue with a budget Of 6 million euros.

The methods I chose are to Deploy Energy-Efficient Methods tort street lighting, Reduce Energy usage in Companies and Encourage Use of Solar Energy. To deploy energy-efficient methods is an ideal approach for resolving the energy crunch because it does not put any pressure on the citizens and it leads to major savings for the cubby. Inner%’ use can be reduced by 30 percent by using newer energy-efficient lights and it is also be implemented in a short span of time. Reducing energy usage in companies would greatly curb energy usage since commercial establishment use as much as 42 percent of total energy resource.

By adopting energy saving techniques companies can lead to reduction in energy consumption and less dependence on RAP power _ By encouraging the use of solar energy, this method address the energy crisis of Echoic. This method would reduce the cities dependence on RAP power and Will also help reduce the consumption of traditional sources of energy. Conclusion In conclusion I had to take in to consideration many different aspects when making the decision for the simulation. I was able to make decisions that benefited the town and made Steps towards the goal Of maintaining the environmentally-friendly title.

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