Environmental Impacts of Global Warming Assignment

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Many people believe that trying to fix global warming IS a hopeless task, however global warming can be halted and could even be reversed. This is a very daunting challenge because it means that people have to change the way they live and do things. We could all choose to ignore this situation but the future impact on our planet is huge. Global warming not only brings about climate changes but also will reduce the level of breathable air (02) and reduce the levels of drinkable water on our planet for future generations.

Some people have already started to try and reduce global warming by: landing more trees, recycling, using less electricity, walking to school instead Of driving and even donating money to organizations that support research and projects that minimize the damage that we are doing to our environment. The more electricity we use is increasing global warming because it is causing more greenhouse gases to be sent into the air, which in turn affects the ozone layer. Rubbish burnt in landfill emits huge amounts of greenhouse gas.

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Trees and plants collect carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. By eliminating trees we are increasing the effect of greenhouse gases on the zone. Governments and big businesses all over the world recognize the importance of slowing global warming. In the US, the government made a law called the Clean Air Act which makes companies alert people by putting a label on all products that contain harmful gases such as Cuff’s (chlorofluorocarbons) that are damaging to our environment.

The Clean Air Act has also made many car companies revise their production techniques ensuring the manufacture of vehicles that produce less pollutants. In Australia, companies that mill timber must replant a tree for every tree that they chop down to ensure that e maintain the CO/02 balance in the atmosphere for future generations. Australia has also introduced an Environmental Credit scheme whereby companies that have a detrimental impact on the environment have to invest in the environment in a positive way.

Just as there are many individual drops of water in a pond, if every person did just one thing to limit global warning, it would have a significant impact. Some things we can do, even as children or teenagers are: ;Using less electricity watch less TV, turn off lights, wash dishes instead of using a dishwasher, using sees electrical appliances such as hairdryers and computer games, ; By planting a tree D the current world population is approximately 6500 million.

If everyone planted a tree it would mean 6500 million more trees for future generations, ;Walking or riding a bike rather than driving in a vehicle, Encouraging parents to recycle. If we don’t make an effort to reduce the effects of global warming future generations wont be able to enjoy our planet the way we see it today. Although the problem or Global Warming seems too big to overcome with the world working together in co-operation we can have a positive impact.

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