Global Warming: Taking Steps to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint Assignment

Global Warming: Taking Steps to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint Assignment Words: 518

What we can do Some people are constantly worried about our environment and thinking of help save it. Global warming is no longer a speculation,it is happening all over us. The temperatures are rising and so are the sea levels. Glaciers are vanishing and the arctic ice is melting. Elf we don’t reduce our carbon footprint, soon (the next 50-100 years) almost all coastal cities and island nations will be under water and the Inland will be hit by long-lasting droughts. Reducing your carbon footprint means releasing less and less carbon and other greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

When you use electricity and power,travel in vehicles and when you run factories and industries,you are releasing huge quantities of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and this is damaging our environment-As an individual you must be thinking what can you do to reduce global warming, but our generation that will finally have an impact. We can do many things to reduce our footprint can use less electricity The more you use, the more power needs to be generated. Use seasonal,regional fruits and vegetables. Did you know that lots of power is used to keep out of season,out of region fruits and vegetables fresh.

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After all our grandparents used to thrive on local foods. Why screw up the planet just because you want to eat an exotic fruit or vegetable? Another simple but hard thing we can do is to eat less meat-You can’t imagine how much deforestation happens to create and maintain pasture land to keep meat producing animals. Use less paper. Do you get a newspaper that contains pages and 60% of it is advertising and you are not even going to open that section? Billions of trees are cut to feed the paper industry every month. If you have a computer and an Internet connection why don’t you access the online addition of your favorite newspaper?

Also recycle paper that you already have. We need to reduce not adapt. Life keep on producing carbon this will create a big hole into the ozone layer which is very thin and only source of surviving on this planet as it allows us to breathe and keeps us protected from some things in space . By increasing are carbon footprints we are also increasing the carbon dioxide that is damaging the ozone layer and this lets sun rays into he earths atmosphere but doesn’t let the sunrays back out hence with all the greenhouse gas out there -which results in the end of life as we know it.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do keep this planet inhabitable. It’s the future generations that are going to have to live on this planet in whatever condition it is. Our parents surely didn’t do a good job and that’s why the world is the way it is right now. But we can only make a difference by taking care of our planet, because as if now, this is the only place we have.

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