Effects of Pollution on the Environment Assignment

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What is environmental pollution ? Nature maintains a balance in the environment and any kind of imbalance therein is called environmental pollution. Man’s quest to conquer the universe with technological development has resulted in grave dangers to the very existence of life on this planet. Waters are no longer clean, fishes are rotting on sea-shores, trees are withering, cities are choked with foul air and toxic chemicals are finding their way into our food. If this continues Earth would become uninhabitable.

Air pollution due to poisonous gases and fumes emitted by automobiles, trains, air crafts, factories… Even smoke from burning agricultural wastes and cigarettes… Are causing various health problems to humans like lung cancer, asthma and allergies along with severe damages to flora and fauna. Pollutants released from refrigerators, air conditioners, deodorants, insect repellents are slowly damaging the earth’s ozone layer leading to phenomena like acid rains and global warming. UP radiation causes skin cancer, damage to eyes and the immune system. Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also polluting the air, soil and water.

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Crops, thus, produced are becoming unhealthy for consumption. Large volumes of agricultural, household and industrial wastes released into water bodies are causing havoc to aquatic life. Water pollution causes water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, amoebas. Sea food is getting contaminated with high levels of mercury and lead and consumption of such food results in neurological disorders in humans. Radioactive materials released from nuclear tests are also highly dangerous pollutants which cause physical deformities in new born babies, anger and disorders of the central nervous system.

Increasing levels of noise pollution from automobiles, loudspeakers, industries are also proving to be extremely harmful. It causes temporary or permanent deafness, heart diseases and attention deficit disorders. In conclusion, would like to say, “Humans are the only organisms trying to modify the environment to fulfill our needs; it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to control environmental pollution and make this planet a better place for all life to co- exist in harmony. ”

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