Deforestation: Global Warming and Percent Grass Assignment

Deforestation: Global Warming and Percent Grass Assignment Words: 366

For more than thousands of years, there have been trees on our earth. Trees were the beginning of life on earth until mankind came along. Trees help us by cleaning our air and it also provides homes for many species of animals. So why are we cutting them down and using them for other needs? We have been cutting them down to build roads and we have been destroying the place we call home, “Earth”. states that when we cut down a tree it destroys a home for lilied and our environment.

We use trees for timber because it is what we use for our chairs, tables, cabinets, stairways, front porches, houses and much more. Not only does it destroy homes for wildlife and animals, but also the air we breathe and the environment we live in. Cutting down forest is where many companies like to start because instead of forests they cut down trees to begin businesses, make timber for money and sometimes to build small towns. World Without Trees states that, “About a hundred years ago forty two percent of earth’s dry land was forest.

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Forty three percent desert, and twenty four percent grass and agricultural land. Now about thirty three percent of forests are left including thinly wooded landscapes. The reason why our land is being destroyed is because of us cutting down forests and gases that are being released into the atmosphere created by humans is causing the suns heat rays to come down to earth more easily and get trapped inside causing our earth to heat up. This is known as global warming.

It does not affect only humans. The rest of our world is also affected as it causes forest fires and different parts of the world are experiencing warmer weather than usual. ” I think we should stop cutting down trees and restore them. Without our trees, our world would not be a healthy environment to live in. I feel very strongly about protecting our forests because deforestation can be a major cause of our world coming too untimely end.

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