Active volcanoes in the Philippines Assignment

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The eruption Was probably paretic in nature, and was reported to have “burned everything around it”. 1976 seismic swarm A strong earthquake swarm occurred near Unusual volcano in 1976. Billion is an solitary active volcano and a volcanic island located in Billion Province of the Eastern Visas Region (Region VIII), in Abyssinians group of the central Philippines. It is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines. Billion volcano comprises the whole xx km Island of Billion which is formed by a group of lava domes.

It is located across the narrow Billion Strait room the northern tip of Elite Island. Billion volcano is at the northern end Of a 170 km long volcanic chain extending SSE to Pompano Island. The only known historic activity took place on 26 September 1939 and consisted of a paretic explosion accompanied possibly by a debris avalanche. Ash fell in Cabin town 12 km to the E. There are many fumaroles fields, hot springs, mud pools and thermal areas on Billion. The Pocono Mountains are a volcanic group of astronomical in the Philippines. The range is also known as the Bacon-Manitoba Volcanic Group.

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The volcanic Pocono Mountains (also known as Bacon-Manitoba complex) are a group of volcanic cones between Sarong Bay and Albany Gulf in southern Luzon. Some of the cones are probably only a few thousands of years old. A fumaroles field and a geyser are found in the area, suggesting it might be still volcanically active. BACKGROUND The dominantly antiseptic Pocono Mountains form a triangle-shaped area of ca 225 sq km size. The domes and cones in the western part of the complex are old and eroded, but those in the eastern part appear to be much younger.

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