Dead space english story Assignment

Dead space english story Assignment Words: 510

Isaac leans over to look out at the gusty dark dead space, he then rails towards a voice message receiver and presses play, “If anyone can hear this my name is Kate Clarke my team and I have been overrun by these creatures, we need backup immediately, do you understand immediately!? Isaac if you can hear this I love you, don’t look for me, get out of here If you can, I love you so much Isaac”, Message played back at December 19 2216. Isaac falling to the ground pursuing In tears from hearing his wife’s voice, knowing that she most likely got over run by the creatures.

He realizes he needs togged off the ship to worn earth about the creatures. Days before the disaster occurred Kate was sent onto the ship to study and observe the natural resources of the planet Jupiter, not knowing that the mall reason the ship was sent to Jupiter was that it planned to be blown up with the machine that creates the creatures, also known as the marker and Skate’s genetics is the key to destroying the marker. After Isaacs first encounter with the creatures outbreak In the titan mines and the death of the majority of his patrol squad, Isaac Is able to contact

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Kate after thinking she was dead, and warn her that she is the key to the outbreak and they plan to blow up the ship with her in it. After his emergency warning is transferred, Isaac makes his way Consuls 2 through the mines passing through many areas with the creatures around, during this he receives a transmission from the leader of the ship ordering all surviving security teams to scrub the facility and eliminate all key subjects. Once Isaac finally arrives at the titan mines exit, he Is fired upon by his superior officer, Victor

Cousins, who is in a gunship. After launching explosive canisters at the gunship Isaac is able to force Victor to retreat. Isaac then demands answers and Victor then explains how two men are on their way to the hospital section to go and kidnap Kate. Isaac then makes his way towards the hospital section of the ship and finds Kate being pulled by the two men. Isaac chases after the two strange men too docked ship, where Kate escapes into the ship while her two kidnappers are transformed into creatures then he quickly dispatches.

Isaac and Kate attempt to make their escape but they find the airlock Is locked and only accessible from a hackle console near the ship. As Isaac attempts to hack the airlock Victor ambushes him with a live grenade, after a quick struggle the grenade explodes killing Victor and leaving Isaac severely injured with each of his legs dismembered. Left behind on the come downstairs that’s enough videotapes for the day, come eat some of my tasty meat loaf then you must finish your homework. My mother always interrupts my gaming at the worst times.

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