Social Psychology Assignment

Social Psychology Assignment Words: 257

In week 1 we discussed the difference between mainstream social psychology and critical social psychology. From week 5-7 we cover topics and issues related to critical ways of doing social psychology. Given this approach and what we discuss, you are to write an essay describing the ways in which critical social psychology departs from mainstream/experimental social psychology. In your essay, you need to outline what critical social psychology is, where it comes from theoretically, what it’s usually interested in studying, and how it does this.

You need to show how the two approaches are different, focusing n how critical social psychology has moved on from the mainstream/ experimental approach. You should focus on the strengths of critical social psychology for explaining people’s behavior/ways of being within society and use topic/research examples to illustrate your point(s). In your example(s), you should tell the reader how critical social psychology has explained something and where mainstream psychology has failed to provide a full-picture view.

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This might require you to also outline, briefly, how mainstream/experimental social psychology has approached althea topic(s) or example(s) you are talking about. Aside from your lecture notes and assigned readings, you will need to access critical social psychology text books as a starting point (if possible) and then move on to academic articles that might help you make your case. I will also provide you with some introductory readings. Your reading for week 1 will also be a good starting point.

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