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We really should be aware about this and be more thoughtful on this subject, we do not reason on what appended and we are more neglected throwing garbage and not taking care of the environment. Global Warming The average temperature of Earth has been warming up since 1840, coinciding with the start of the industrial revolution. However, we can not establish a cause and effect relations, because the atmosphere does not react so quickly.

During the decade of the ass’s started to be clear that had begun a warmer period, so that the discussion moved towards global warming that would lead us soon to a planet unbearable in which the oceans would boil. The taste for the catastrophic end seems endless. But today they not exaggerate so much about the subject. We know that global warming is evolving slowly, is part of Earth’s natural process, but we are contributing to this process and we are not being responsible with our environment. For almost two decades, the United Nations has sponsored annual global talks, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an international treaty signed by 194 countries to cooperatively discuss global climate change and its impact”. (Anytime. Com, 2012) Is not a new issue, is known worldwide and is exploring options to minimize the impact. 3 Understanding Global Warming

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To explain global warming, it must be noted as possible factors like deforestation, pollution of the atmosphere, the hole in the ozone layer, El NIH, etc.. The fact is that each one of these events alone are able of producing global climate change and in an immediate way. They all contribute in some measure, to current global warming, but still have to determine how much and what is the momentum of the atmosphere to show their influence.

The current warming is evident, and the effects can be observed: desert encroachment, recurrent droughts, the irregularity of monsoons, retreat of glaciers, melting ice sheets, rising of sea levels, etc. From what we know global warming does not imply climate change. It is unlikely that within a short period, several decades for example, Earth’s climate changed so much that there is a redistribution of climatic. In the past there have been warmer and colder periods without this happening.

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