Creating a Homelike Environment in a Nursing Home Assignment

Creating a Homelike Environment in a Nursing Home Assignment Words: 458

Preferred view, and its goal to “bring out he best when people are at their worst,” by focusing on the “constellation of ideas” that relate to people’s “strong preferences with regard to how they would like to behave, see themselves and be seen by others,” is a great starting point. A starting point from which individual clinicians and elders can openly relate to perceived/preferred perceptions about self and each other. Candid conversations that stand to help break down barriers placed by perceived notions of professionalism or filling one’s ‘role’ as a resident in a urging home.

Then growing from that point, using the product of such conversations from which to foster caring relationships. Awareness of “the press:” how the physical environment represents just part of “the transaction between a person and the environment” where light, smells, sounds, proximity to others, etc. Must be also considered. The entire milieu of any given location or time point in an elder’s day should be taken into account as important.

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Being clinically aware of how the “richness of the environment” an affect individual elders gives clinicians another avenue for improved responsiveness for the elders needs and wants, through a clearer understanding of the myriad parts that make up the environment. Thus providing the clinician sound direction to enhance positive aspects Of the environment, while simultaneously diminishing negative aspects of it in order to provide a milieu the elder feels in control of as much as humanly possible. The importance of understanding that “words having meaning,” is essential for the framework from which to build an enabling environment.

With every interaction we have with others, we stand to limit each other by failing to realize just how many levels we effect one another, by using language that is not conducive to autonomy and quality of life. Rather clinicians seek to employ our own lexicon of diagnosis and treatment as foundations from which to craft conversations. Doing so invariably leads to use of ‘limiting words and concepts when seeking seek to label conditions and behaviors in a meaningful conversation with other clinicians.

All this when we really mean o tap into the potential each individual still has/could achieve. This negative “priming effect” (priming the user/listener to have negative connotations about the person being labeled) could be limited itself if we are more cognizant of how the words we use could be perceived. Creating new worlds for our elders is within our grasp, if we seek to make the best worlds possible at all times through better understanding of the elders and ourselves at the same time. A process made easier with critically applicable knowledge and experience.

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