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They say that it has to do with the environment that they are brought up in. It is important that social forces are operating in poorer communities so that they can control and influence behavior. Social structure theories have three independent branches. The first is social digitization theory; this focuses on the circumstances within urban environment that effect crime rates. An area that is disorganized is one that institutes social control. This shows that a person’s location is considerable to the likelihood of them committing crimes.

A strain theory is the idea that people share similar values and goals. Since the lower class fails to achieve like the upper class they than start to feel socially humored or economically humor (the poor) might feel like they have to humiliate others. Between the poor and the rich, an atmosphere of Jealousy is formed that leads to violence. The people that feel like they are deprived because of their race tend to have a sense of injustice. The less fortune than tend to distrust society, and the built up anger than slowly leads to violence and crime.

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Cultural deviance theory, the last theory of the three, syndicates elements of both strain and social digitization. Because the lower class lifestyle is draining and frustrating, they create an independent culture with their own set of rules and values. There are two separate groups under the cultural deviance theory. The first is conduct norms. This is the idea that the lower class develops an exclusive culture in reply to strain. These groups uphold their own set of conduct norms, which are “rules governing the day-to-day living conditions within these subcultures. Siegel 213) The focal concerns are the other group, which shows life among the lower class. According to a man named Miller, people that cling to the lower class focal concerns endorse illegal or violent behavior. Colonization and crime is the idea that a persons place in the social structure may contribute to crime, but environment alone is not enough to explain all crime. People living in areas of very high crime rate can still resist committing crime, if they have positive attitudes. Criminology Last Reaction Paper By backbench here is only one thing that I agree with.

Colonization and crime is the topic that stood out the most to me while reading chapters six and seven. I strongly agree with the idea that people in poor areas can restrain themselves from committing crime. Not everything crime related is because of the way people were brought up in a poor community. Crime can very well be related because of someone’s own thought process. Someone can be extremely rich and commit crimes on a daily basis, but no one knows about it only because they have enough money to cover their mistakes up.

But, arguing towards my own argument I believe that crime can also very well be related to the way people are brought up. Crime rates in poor towns are higher because the people don’t have anything so they result in committing crimes. It can also be because of their family background so they decide to Join gangs. Crime is something that can be looked at both ways. No one can really decipher the reason why people commit crimes, it Just happens. Anyone can commit crime, it’s a matter of their own mind and how bad they think the punishments for committing such a crime is.

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