Causes to Pollution Assignment

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Pollution is becoming serious in our country, especially in the big city. Discuss some possible causes leading to this situation. Pollution is now one of the most serious environmental problems in our country, especially in big cities. Many projects have been carried out to deal with this problem but there does not seem a lot of improvement to be brought about. As far as the causes of this issue are concerned, three reasons can be looked into: bad waste disposal system, the rapid increase in the number of vehicles and the poor awareness of people.

The first cause of pollution in big cities in our country is the bad disposal of east. Whereas the number of industrial factories is going up rapidly, we have not had a good waste disposal system to deal with the dump, gases from these factories. As a result, these wastes find the way into the lakes, rivers and the air. Solving the waste from people home is also challenging. Rubbish has not been effectively recycled due to bad equipments while burning needs a lot of money. For this reason, waste is still unsolved. The increasing number of cars and motorbikes also make the pollution issue worse.

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It is estimated that in Hanoi each home has one or two motorbikes ND every three families possess a car. Every day, these vehicles join the traffic and emit many kinds of chemical wastes like gases, CO… That are extremely bad for people’s health. The third and most important cause of pollution in big cities is the citizen’s poor awareness toward this problem. People living in the cities are not aware of what they are doing toward our environment. Rubbish is still thrown into the streets; many kinds of garbage like plastic bags, used bottles… Are often left in the parks, bus stations, and other public places in the cities.

Lakes and fivers are also preferred “landfills” for many dwellers. As a consequence, the water in most lakes and rivers in Hanoi such as West Lake, To Lice River are extremely contaminated. To summarize, pollution in big cities can be traced to three main causes: bad waste disposal system, the rapid increase in the number of vehicles and the people’s poor awareness. These elements are contributing to the environmental problem in our countries that lead to many other serious concerns. If we do not have a better waste disposal, try to reduce the number of vehicles and raise the awareness of people, the problem will surely get

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