Causes of Water Pollution Assignment

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The most widespread source of water pollution is disposal of sewage of Urban centers into rivers. The Gang, Yamaha are polluted water affected organic live river & water born diseases like typhoid affect human pollution. The water drawing from the field is enter rivers & lake and pollutes them enrichment of water by nutrient results in interpretation of lakes this results in excessive growth of algae & depletion of dissolved oxygen aquatic organisms including fish cannot survive under such conditions.

Ocean water are polluted by discharge of sewage from cities located along he coast, effluent from factories along the coast & discharge of sewage from cities located along the coast & discharge from polluted rivers. Transportation of coastal marshes & swamps also effect marine life. In the open ocean oil spills from tankers has adverse effect On Marina life. Such Oil spills cause pollution over wide areas owing to spread of oil by waves & currents. Water is every thing for human being without water human being cannot survive our is polluted in many ways. E. G. – The waste of material of factories when thrown to rivers pollutes water. Some people use rivers to wash their cloths & to take bath. Water is indispensable for our life. About 2/off earth is water. No organisms can survive with out water. So keeping water free from any pollutant is very important. Water is said to be “polluted” when it is changed it is changed in its quality & composition directly or indirectly by men activity so that it became less stable for drinking, domestic or any other purpose. Polluted water transmits a large no. Of disease in man.

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They are cholera, typhoid & other viral diseases. Causes:- The river, pounds, lakes & seawater is polluted with verity of liquid & solid wastes. These are due to population explosion, industrialization & under water atomic explosion. Sewage from washing, kitchen, urine etc is thrown into rivers from cities located on the bank. The water taken from such rivers for drinking purpose is to chlorinate before it is used. Minerals & organic wastes carried to lake, river & sea from agricultural fields with nitrogen & phosphate fertilizer. The waste become degenerated & toxic, so this cannot support aquatic life.

The large contributors to water elution are no. Of industrial wastes. Industrial waste includes mercury from paper industry & combustion of forest fuels. Lead is released from rock bearing metals. Copper & zinc are also released as industrial wastes. They act as food contaminants. Liquid radioactive waste released into sea from nuclear installations. Radioactive tests are performed on high seas. The current of sea curry the contaminates all over there by polluting the water. These molecules get into aquatic animals. Fish consume these nuclear contaminates & them fish cannot be consumed by man.

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