Atmospheric Pollution Assignment

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There should be a ban on aerosol cans being used and until this; there will never be a resolution. We must first stop making them and then convince people to stop using what they have and dispose Of it properly. There are no positive impacts of humans using this; the negative impact is that millions of people use these products everyday without a guilty conscience. I think maybe some people do not even have a clue about the harm that is being caused and I think some consumers do not even want people to know because then it will affect the sale of their product.

I think that the solution to solving this problem is educating the world on the importance of keeping our earth and environment healthy so we can stay healthy, and then filling in the blanks of what these certain products are doing to us and the air we breathe. We also can educate people on what is to come of our mother earth if we do not do something about these issues. My personal plan is to write letters to the government complaining and demanding to know why they still allow the production of these products if hey know what is happening and what will happen in the long run.

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After that will try to do something like make a video that will help people understand what this product is doing. The challenges are huge because I not only have to make the government see what they are doing is nothing to help our planet be healthier and then make people realize that even though it may be their favorite cleaning product, it is only causing harm to us and the environment and we have to stop using them in order to make a difference.

If we can succeed in getting the government to ban the use of these products he ozone layer will slow down on depletion and we will be one step closer in helping restore our earth’s natural resources and balance. Required support would be from government offices that oversee the environmental issues. There would have to be interference from each individual state and society would have to stop using these products and stick to it. It may be hard but I think it is worth trying to change this because it will be a huge step in trying to preserve the earth and then be able to enjoy all the healthy benefits of our earth’s natural resources.

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