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The Precision of a Prediction by K N Raw March, 1983 A young lawyer from U. P. , Mr.. U. S. Sings, practicing in the Supreme Court, brought his senior Mr… U. P. Slang on one Sunday In March, 1983, to my place. Without asking any question, when l, as usual, got a re-cast horoscope and scrutinized It, I told him that If his question was about elevation to the High Court, It would take place soon. Mr.. U. P. Sings said that that precisely was his question. Some sweet emotion stirs up In me when a Briar puts a question sincerely and places before me correct birth-details.

God rewards such reactions, rare though, with in-pointed concentration and much higher percentage of accurate predictions than in many other cases. No astrologer should forget this divine law which he sees In operation, so clearly. Now see the horoscope. Birth horoscope: Rasa: Gemini-Lagan 19017; Leo-Kettle 1 001 Virgo-the Moon 18023′ and Jupiter 20048′; Libra-the Sun 28053′; Scorpio-Mercury(R) 9031 Sagittarius-Mars 3033′ and Venus 15041 Capricorn-Saturn 17036′; and Rah-1 001′.

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Naves: Pisces-Lagan; Aries-Kettle; Taurus-Mars; Gemini-Saturn, Moon and Sun; Cancer-Jupiter; Leo-Venus and Mercury; and Libra-Rah. Dadaism: Sagittarius- Lagan; Capricorn-Mars; Aquarius-Saturn and Rah; Gemini-Venus; Cancer-Jupiter; Leo-Kettle; Libra-Mercury; and Scorpio-the Mom ANALYSIS: At a glance the prediction was clear. (a) Jupiter the judge-maker, involved in Gassier Yoga and as lord of the 7th (position) and the 10th (Karma) promises a spell as a judge after 24 years of successful practice in the Supreme Court of India. B) Lord of courts (Mars with the 5th lord, involved in Shank-Yoga in the house of position (7th), aspects the 10th house. (c) The break In career will be completed by the 8th lord Saturn expecting the 10th house. D) And Saturn Dash, Is on. But In which Anta- dash? By general principles, Saturn-Mercury Is always a good period. Appositionally Mercury is in the 1 lath from Saturn in the house of courts, retrograde. Better still, in Naves Mercury is exalted and in Dadaism he is the 10th lord, in the 1 lath. (e) In which preparatory was the next question.

There was no doubt that it will have to be Jupiter”the 10th lord in birth horoscope and Naves In which he Is exalted and placed in the house of transfer with Gaga-askers Yoga. (f) But the actual movement will have to be afterwards; Saturn from the 8th delays a decision ND then helps Mr.. U P Sings “snap” connection with the Supreme Court as a lawyer. HIS EXPECTATIONS: Mr.. Sings was expecting everything to move fast, which appeared over-optimistic to me as Jupiter sub-sub period would begin In July, 1983.

But the file was on the move, Mr… Sings said. Some files In India have more halting stations than any train of Sings had feared. But since there was a benefice in the 6th house in birth, Naves and Dadaism horoscopes and the sub-sub period of the 6th lord was already over, I told him no contest was visible. “There may be no opponents, no fight… EVENTS: The subsequent events were: (a) As soon as Jupiter sub-sub period began, the file “moved” in July 1983.

But, in the meantime, Mr.. Jonathan Miser, the Chief Minister of Briar, fell in August, 1983, and the file got derailed. (b) But one good development in the meantime was that out of the 12 candidates for three posts, some were dropped; and some withdrew. Mr.. Sings was left alone with no candidates for the other two posts, it was rumored. (c) Mr.. Sings was happy and elated with the development but since no “progress” had been registered in the movement of the file, he feared that proposal itself might e dropped. D) But Briar’s new Chief Minister pushed the file, and the Sun moved into Sagittarius, with Saturn sub-sub period also began, the time for “snapping” connection with the Supreme Court. (e) On the birth day of Indian’s Prime Minister, November 1983, Saturn conveyed his “approval” though the file was not, yet “out”. But as soon as the Sun moved into Sagittarius, the file moved very fast. (f) When should we expect it,” Mr.. Sings had asked me in the late November. Jupiter had yet to move into Sagittarius, the 7th house from Lagan promising position and transfer. I felt. After 22nd December, 1983″ I replied. (g) Next, when we met in the last week of January, 1984, Mr.. U P Sings had already been examined medically. When should he expect the official notification, he asked me. Pisces, the 10th from his Ascendant, I guessed and answered “between February 6th and 8th 1984”. (h) On February 6th, it was notified. The P. T. I. News item carried the date-time of 7th February, and reported: “Mr.. UDDI Prate Sings, an advocate, has been appointed a judge of the Patina High Court with effect from the date he assumes charge of his office”.

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