Space Travel: Planets to Visit or Avoid Assignment

Space Travel: Planets to Visit or Avoid Assignment Words: 356

I want to vaults Uranus is because Voyager 2 Is the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus. Also because some of It Is mostly made up of helium, so I want to go there and talk, and see If I have a squeaky voice, for Inhaling helium” 😀 I want to vaults Mars because, I want to determine Mars’ past and future potential for life.

Mars cannot support life as we know it, but I want to see if it could of in its past. And lastly, but not least, I want to visit Neptune because, At times during the course of Neptune orbit, dwarf planet Pluto is actually closer to the sun, and us, than Neptune. This is due to the unusual elliptical (egg) shape of Plot’s orbit. So maybe One day ill be able to see Pluto! (: For visiting Uranus, I think the kind of spacesuit you would need to wear is Air Pump, on the Space Suit, You’d have to go on a strict diet The gravity would crush you unless you weighed like bass. Food, Air, And water enough to last you 84 years, Antarctic Diving suit, and lots of fuel for your rocket! If you were vaulting Mars, the kind of spacesuit you would need to wear Is The BIO Suit.. The suits that kept NASA astronauts alive on the moon and those worn by Space Shuttle and International Space Station creamers for extravehicular actively (Eves), including the Hubble repair missions, are technological marvels; in effect, they re miniature spacecraft that provide the pressure, oxygen, and thermal control that humans need to survive in the vacuum of space.

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If you were visiting Neptune, the kind of spacesuit you would need to wear is, I’d have to wrap up extremely warmly and wear a very thick and insulated space suit, because Neptune is extremely cold. Also for a space suit you would need tubes that pumps hot and cold air into the helmet and suit and pressurized atmosphere. That is my essay on the Solar System, so I hope you find this Information quite useful.

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