An activity space design of a living room Assignment

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Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. Interior design has come along way from the artistic times to the industrial age and now to the technological age, transcending and transforming itself . Listed below are some of the commonly known styles of interior design. Minimalist style interior design Classic style interior design Art deco style interior design Retro style interior design Urban style interior design Country style interior design Rococo style interior design

Georgian style interior design Victorian style interior design Brief description of the design style Contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark and are a style that is equally appropriate for offices and stores, lofts and homes. A contemporary style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat. The key identifying feature of a contemporary style interior design is line. Line can be used through the use of bold color blocks, high ceilings, “square” edged furniture, linear wooden floors, floor mats, bare windows and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture.

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The bare space, on walls, between pieces of furniture, and above in upper areas also become Just as important as the areas filled with objects. Each piece stands out as individual and unique. Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential for contemporary style furniture pieces with upholstered furniture usually in black, white, or another neutral tone. These pieces should be simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans usually have exposed legs with beds and chairs usually having no trims or tassels.

In conclusion, with contemporary interiors, less is more. Go basic, bare, bold, and structural with bespoke, unique and individual furniture. Trends in contemporary living room designs have more than Just an aesthetically pleasing purpose – they also have functional value. Technology, for example, is a factor that influences trends in modern interior design. Once upon a time, households were places without high definition televisions, surround sound, of video game consoles. When the radio reached consumers, it was large and clunky, but it was a focal point of a family’s entertainment center.

Then came large and bulky televisions that eventually became winner and thinner to the point where people could hang them like paintings. One by one, wires disappeared, and wireless technology became accessible to the everyday consumer. Historically, living rooms have served as a home’s entertainment center; however, the idea of how we entertain ourselves has evolved with technology. Sure, board games are a blast, but are they an everyday activity? The more likely scenario is that your television fills that role.

When one thinks about the themes that influence contemporary design, one should think about technology as well because he reality is that in today’s society, it’s impossible to separate the two. Characteristics of contemporary style Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary style decorating. Interiors showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh. The main characteristics of the contemporary interior design style are ; Refers to in style or trendy looks. Basic, bare but bold.

Negative space as important as objects Smooth, clean and geometric shapes essential. Bespoke and unique furniture. Colors & balance Contemporary designs emphasize the idea of balance, and one of the biggest ways to establish balance is through colors. The main aim is to get a color scheme with some degree of vibrancy and variance, and at the same time, one wouldn’t want a room with too many shades and tones. Furniture & efficiency When choosing furniture, one soon realizes that there a number of options. The search will help to see that there is no such thing as a distinct contemporary style.

The design concept is vague enough to accommodate a variety of preferences, whether you prefer items that are ornate or minimal. With a balance of color, light, and minimalism, any furniture can complement a contemporary style. Design of a living room with category interior design style This is a living room of six meters by five meters in dimension. The room is brought to life through design elements, building materials and furnishing which are equally as tactile as they are usually stimulating. Space description. In the living room we have the sitting area and also the entertainment area .

There is also a space at the rear for dinning for two. Space close to the window as a result of TTS ambiance for occasional viewing and relaxation. Its dimensions are Character of room The rich curtain fabric used for widow drapes, modern furnishing of solid color combine d with geometric shapes and combining with plane surface in between to give a comfortable, welcoming, sleek and fresh felling. Description of materials Finishes As one of the colors of the contemporary style interior, I used white on most of the walls save the wall with the entertainment gadgets.

Black which is used as a means of directing attention and also to give it a cinematic effect by means of allowing the screen of the television to pop out and everything else in the background fade. This which I observed is also used by cinemas and concert halls. The red which is the third theme color is used for the bookshelf, with the aim of give adding boldness to the overall theme which is also one of the characteristics of contemporary interior design. As red is a bold color blending very well with the black and white theme.

The color of the walls flows unto the ceiling, creating not only a well lit room but causing the room to open up, with light geometry and gloss. The wall colors are signed in a way that they act as backdrop to the bold furniture line which is an important aspect of contemporary design style. Building components Use of elements such as high ceiling for the purpose of creating a sense of largeness and clutter free design. And also use of high and large window to lighten the room and for viewing the lush landscape.

Also important wall different texture and lines was used. The doors are also of mahogany measuring 1200 x mamma and 900 x 2100 mm Furniture The white sofa are clean, smooth in form, without curve or decoration in order to achieve the geometric character of the contemporary style. The red mahogany squared book shelf also adds the bold and streamlined character of the style. One of the characteristics of contemporary designed being the functionality , simplicity and aesthetics of its furniture.

The shelf not only containing books, block decorations but also stands aesthetically sound. Thus fulfilling the above qualities. The center table also of red mahogany also adds aesthetics even as it serves it purpose. Accessories The use of artificial light such as ceiling light , was distributed evenly to create a inhomogeneous lighting effect in conjunction with the natural light. Other element such as the entertainments systems Which are a kind of representation of the technological aspect of the contemporary style.

Art and decoration Use of plain oval geometrical shaped wall decorations for design of the plain walls, and a mixture of the two main colors; black and white for the same wall. Frames of monocotyledon frame are used of the black wall to add light . Green element was also inculcated into the design with the use of plant in vases, which also add to the design artistically and in terms of healthy design. With the vases of monochrome color flowing from the shelf and center table.

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