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This was a method of trying to attract young people into the church. A statement taken out of the Queensland Methodist Times in the 1 9505 identified that “If parents are really anxious about the moral practices of their children they should bring them into the relationship of the church”. This meant a greater increase in Parishioners in Churches around Australia. Back in the 1 sass most people went to church every Sunday and not many people had a say in whether they didn’t want to believe in god because you would just be called stupid and told not to be silly.

Nowadays you can have a massive say in whether you want to believe in God or not. Stats wise in 1 954 there were 89. 4% of people were Christian, 0. 6% people were other religions, 0. 3% peoples no religion and 9. 7% people didn’t answer. In 2011 there were 61 . 1% were Christian, 7. 2% were other religions, 22. 3% had no religion and 9. 4% didn’t answer. These stats show a massive incline towards being atheism and a massive decline towards Christianity. This just goes to show how much people have an opinion now and not so much back in the sass. Primary Research (Religion)

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Through interviewing my Grandmother, some of the answers I received were ones I was expecting. For example my first question asked was “Veda going to church every week something you were expected to do as a teenager? Why? ‘ the answer she gave stated “Yes, because that is one of the 10 Commandments. Though shall keep holy the Sabbath day. To keep it ‘holy’ one had to go to Mass. Also went to Boarding school so went to Mass every day, but even when was in primary school I got up and went TTT:ma’am Mass every day during the week. It was something that and a number of my school friends just did because we wanted to. This answer would have been a very common one to most people in the ass, but now you would hardly hear anyone say they went to mass everyday at 6:30 because its not something that young adults enjoy that much. Another thing to point out in that answer is the fact that she knew her commandments and the reasoning towards why she went to church. Most Kids and teenagers wouldn’t know why there in church only the fact that it was either Christmas or Easter. Most kids just go cause there parents are forcing them to so they get dragged long to church not really wanting to be there.

One other question I asked said “Was abortion and birth control around on your time? And if so was it frowned upon? ” In my grandmothers answer she stated that abortion was around but done by back street abortionists, which isn’t safe at all and also was very frowned upon due to the catholic church not condoning sex before marriage and killing off human beings, she also stated that birth control wasn’t available till the early ass, but were much stronger than they are today meaning a bigger strain on the woman’s body. Contraception was very renowned upon by the church.

In the 21st century Abortion and contraception are still very big things but are no where near as frowned upon due to the reasons behind getting these done and taken. Obviously you can see with the stats and the Primary research that Australian Culture in the sass and now have a huge difference in religion and how kids see the church now compared to when they did back than. Secondary Research (Education) Now on to Education, before the sass education was considered a luxury, but when Australia hit the sass education was no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Children started to thrive on education due to the fact that before the sass education was really for middle and upper class citizens but in the sass more public schools were getting built meaning more chance to go to school and to learn. In the 21 SST century many people find school and university a struggle and don’t enjoy the environment nor the hard work you have to put in to achieve your goals. This is a huge comparison due to amount Of people complaining about school. Another reason why now days adolescences find it difficult to put time and effort is because of technology and what’s its made this generation do.

It gives us an insight on information, that usually would only be found in the library in the 1 sass, but the negative part to technology is how lazy its made us due to the “copy and paste” scheme which almost everyone has done at one stage I their life. Our technology these days can really distract us from our work e. G. Social media. For example I was monitoring how much my phone distracted me during doing this assignment and its astonishing how many times I got distracted from doing this assignment. In the sass they didn’t have all this technology to distract them from there studies.

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