Non-Profit Commnity Book Festival Assignment

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E-readers have the ability to help students boost test cores and help to raise the schools overall ranking in the API (Academic Performance Index). “Based on the State Academic Performance Index (API) scale, that rank similar schools with a score of 1-10 with one being lowest and 10 being the highest, Charlotte Werner Elementary received a score of five” (California school rating, 2010). Based on these demographics, a non-profit book festival would significantly benefit the students of Charlotte Werner Elementary by purchasing e-readers.

In addition to this, a non-profit book festival would help prepare students and their families for technological Roth and opportunities. E-readers allow students access to a plethora of resources. E-readers give students the ability to conduct extensive research with an easily accessible, learner friendly notepad. The students will have access to a large number of recently published texts without the burden of carrying around an overabundance of books. The E-reader will also prevent the mistake of leaving the campus without the proper books necessary for their individual assignments.

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A problem that has arisen in the recent years is the posture of young students do to the lugging around of multiple heavy kooks in backpacks. “Carrying heavy backpacks to and from school on a daily basis has led to an increasing number of children with back problems” (Tollbooth Apothecary, Davis, Shall, & Levin, 2009). For this reason purchasing of lightweight E-readers would eliminate the need to carry heavy backpacks. E-readers are great assets for the educational system. The E- readers allow educators the ability to teach with the most up-to-date publications.

With the addition of E-readers, educators will no longer have to rely on the costly practice of buying new hard bound books annually, or caching from outdated textbooks. By using E-readers, the school can purchase one E-copy of a textbook and share the E-book with every E-reader. The E-copies cost only a fraction of the hard bound books. The average hardback textbook costs over $50 dollars; in contrast, the average cost of an E-book is $15 dollars. Every E-reader potentially could save over $175 dollars based on a five book purchase. Amazon. Com offers a program that allows schools to purchase the E-readers at discounted prices (Amazon. Mom, 2012). The average retail cost of an E-reader is $80 dollars. Buying the E-books in elk (20) gives the school a discount from Amazon. Com. A non-profit fundraising book festival can generate the necessary funds to purchase new E-readers for the Charlotte Werner Elementary School. The fundraiser will be at no cost to the students, faculty, or the school district. The fundraising events will involve the community as well as the other students from RUSS. The Book festival will consist of several fundraising events. The events include: a book sale, a raffle, a read-a-thong, a pie toss, and a host of festival booths.

The funds generated by the book festival will be used to purchase 20 E-readers that will be donated to Charlotte Werner Elementary School library. Fundraising A fundraising event can be a great way to generate funds for a worthy cause. Through the help of the community, these events can help organizations earn necessary funds or merchandise for their cause. Developing a clear and concise plan is vital to a successful fundraiser. If the primary purpose is to raise awareness, then celebrity sponsorships might generate a larger crowd at the event. If the primary goal is to raise money, then donations and corporate sponsorships may serve better.

Book Sale Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase new and used books at a greatly discounted price. The donation of books will come from a variety of sources, including used book stores, retail book stores, and private collections. The students that participate in the read-a-thong will collect books as they are searching for sponsors. The read-a-thong is one method of collecting monetary donations and will be discussed later in this paper. When the students go door-to-door searching for sponsorship for the read-a-thong, a family may be unable to sponsor the student with money.

If this is the case, he family may have some used books that they would be willing to donate to support the fundraiser. These donations will be the first source of books for the book sale The second source of book donations will be books that are donated from local book stores. Most small book stores have multiple copies of books and are willing to donate these books to an event, such as a school fundraiser. In addition, if a store desires to be an event sponsor, a fee Of $1 36 dollars allows their store to be mentioned on the event fliers and posters.

This type of sponsorship is good for not only the stores but the book estimate as well. The festival will receive money and the sponsors will receive inexpensive advertising for their business. The final source of book donations for the book sale is corporate donations. Although most large book stores are in direct competition with each other for book sales, they are still willing to donate books to schools to help improve the students’ education. This type of donation allows corporations to have their names associated with a worthy cause in a local community. Last year Barnes and Noble donated almost 1. Million books to schools and other foundations for hillier in need (Barnes game; Noble, 2012). Once all the books are gathered, they will be sorted into age-appropriate titles and categories. On the day of the festival, there will be several tables that are separated by the readers’ age to help patrons locate their desired books. Raffle A prize driven raffle is yet another great source of income for an event such as this one. All students will sell the raffle tickets. Participation is not limited just to those students in the read-a-thong. All visitors are invited to try out their luck and purchase raffle tickets.

Raffle tickets will be sold prior to, as well as during the event and the winners will receive any one of our fine donated prizes. The prizes given away come from corporate donations and range from autographed books, to our grand prize, a Kindle E-reader. Raffles will be conducted throughout the day, and winners will be announced as they are drawn. Pie Toss A pie toss is an enjoyable way of raising funds while building relationships between students, educators, and parents. Anyone in attendance may volunteer to be placed in the booth, giving patrons the opportunity to toss a IEEE at the face of the willing.

School faculty and parents are encouraged to stand behind the booth, giving students the chance to get out built up frustrations and resentment for weekend homework and chores, by tossing a tasty whipped cream pie at those villainous grownups. Whipped cream pies will be sold in the amount of $1 dollar for every toss. Read-a-Thong A read-a-thong is a fairly new fundraising idea that not only gives students a chance to earn donations for their school fundraisers, but also promotes education and imagination. The read-a-thong starts with the student going out ND collecting pledges from family, friends and neighbors.

The pledge is a promise to donate a specified monetary amount to the fundraiser, based on the number of books read in a specific time by that sponsored individual. A read-a-thong is a great opportunity for students to earn and learn, benefiting all involved, including the school. Charlotte Werner Elementary will conduct a Read-a-Thong Charlotte Werner Elementary School will conduct a read-a thong, on May 19, 2012. This read-a-thong will be done with the students and their families that volunteer to participate. Each participant will receive a pledge form in order o keep track of book and monetary donations.

Participants are expected to gather pledges from members of the community to help with their fundraiser. There will be three ways to make a pledge: the sponsor can donate for the amount of minutes read, for the number of pages read or simply one specific amount for the student’s participation the event. Sponsors will also have a chance to put a limit on any donations for the amount of minutes read. All three of these methods not only encourage increased reading with today’s youth, but it will also allow funds to be raised for the dents at Werner Elementary.

During the read-a-thong there will be thank you announcements for those who donated. The students will not only have gained enthusiasm for books, but the sense of accomplishment for the future of Werner Elementary School. A read-a-thong is not just an event to raise money, it increases students’ self-esteem. Festival Booths Festival booths will be available, giving all extracurricular programs throughout RUSS, the opportunity to earn some extra income. Examples of student programs consist of the cheer/pep squads, athletic programs, and bands.

These programs will have an opportunity to sell their individual fundraisers during the book festival such as, calendars, gift wrappings, and other creative items. The expectation at the conclusion of the event is for each festival booth to donate 30% of their total sales to the book festival. Conclusion With all that is now planned for this fantastic fundraiser, it would be hard for one to not see the great opportunity that is ahead for the young students at Charlotte Werner Elementary. The great advantage that the students will now have over other students is unmatchable.

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