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Learning is broken down into VARK representing visual, aural, reading/writing, kinesthetic, which focuses on 16 questions that are asked to determine the best teaching and learning style for an individual via its algorithm. Learning is one of those concepts that varies for individuals yet can be done regardless to some extent. What changes is the ease with which it pushes through as it can be altered and adjusted to the individual. When customized it allows knowledge to be unlocked and correlated at a much more efficient pace with increased speed and understanding.

There remain many obstacles in learning and teaching such as the internal and external environments of the individual and in which they reside in. Variability continues to rule in the individual as ell when there are changes and this helps manufacture a better product in the end via the learning system. The purpose of this paper is to break down how my learning methods work so that am able to break down an analysis of my patterns to the point where am able to find my most efficient paths to knowledge.

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This becomes especially crucial when there are increased stressors and a decrease in free time to where each and every day is crunch time in an attempt to analyze the materials being taught and then factor in all the distractions but focus on the essentials by using methods that are inpointed and customized to us as individuals to allow us to succeed. There are multiple strategies that were expressed including visual which happened to be my number one choice despite me being a multimodal learner.

Being a multimodal learner allows for the individual to adapt and accommodate to the provided materials and focus on what would be the best method for the individual. When learning EKG readings the focus of attempting to teach an entire classroom of multimodal learners comes easier than if the focus was n teaching an individual who relied on being a one trick pony and could only focus in a limited number of ways.

Being a visual person allowed me to recognize the strips and rhythms of the hearts before I could assess the measurements. This correlated well to the text as they emphasized that individuals who focUS on visual place an emphasis on the fonts of literature to an emphasis on recognizing and remembering directions via landmarks and people making a preference for visuals which translates to better recall and memorization and conceptual understanding (James, D’Amore, & Thomas, 01 1).

Being a multimodal learner allows for me to transition from visuals to being able to read/write as my secondary choice which allows me to become an excellent student who is able to read and write from my own ability to take an assignment and decompress the note taking into a sustainable about of information that I can decipher and correlate faster than if I kept attempting to re-listen to a lecture over and over and over again.

The shift from simply looking at the rhythms and organizing my knowledge to make the correct nterpretation was replaced by my focus on shifting the numbers through my mind to deductive reason what rhythm it could be by following the simple steps of reading and writing down the numbers.

Being multimodal this way helps the individual focus and approach situations in a variety of ways rather than being narrow minded and focused individually the teacher and student can approach the situation in a multitude of ways to gain the most effective method of teaching allowing the shift of focus to find the right pathway to uccess rather than hitting a road block at the same junction.

In conclusion the objective of VARK has been and will be the focus of grounding out the teaching and learning styles to organize how focused and efficient learning should and can be. In order to unlock the doors of knowledge you must first learn to use the appropriate keys to gain the best method of action which should translate to a more complete and solid understanding. Once you have the right keys you should be able to theoretically unlock just about any door.

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