Learning Styles Assignment

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Everyone has a different way of learning in which they learn the best; some people are even a mixture of the different types. The three most common ways of learning are visual, auditory, and kinesthesia (hands on). Just so happen to be a visual learner. Visual learners are those who learn best through seeing things rather than hearing or having hands on experience. With each learning style there are positive points but there are also drawbacks. First, there are many pluses to being a visual learner.

When I am given a paper with directions on it I can follow the directions perfectly and understand exactly what is being asked of me. I can read information and it will be imprinted in my head and I won’t forget it. As a visual learner I rather do short bookwork assignments rather than sit through a lecture or discussion based lesson. I always need visual aids while I’m learning pictures, timeliness, drawings, and power points tend to help me out a lot. A good thing about being a visual learner is that can easily memorize what have read or an important picture.

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A plus about being a visual learner would also have to be the smart boards that are in the classrooms now they are a great learning LOL for me. Being a visual learner I don’t ever have a problem with substitutes which is a good thing for me. The other learning types probably hate subs because of the bookwork, but I love it. Get to trap all of the information into my head and am prepared to be ahead of everyone else when the teacher comes back and lectures the next day at school.

Secondly, for every plus there is a drawback to being a visual learner. The one drawback that affects me the most would have to be spoken directions. When a teacher verbally gives directions for an essay or a project I don’t quite grasp it right. In order for me to get a firm grasp on what I’m supposed to be doing have to have a well detailed rubric, one that explains what is being asked of me and all of the elements need to include. Another drawback to being a visual learner is that I don’t follow lectures well.

I have a short attention span so when a teacher lectures I tend to drift away into my own world. When lectures are being given its also hard for me to follow along, I tend to get lost without having some kind of visual aid right there in my face. Another drawback is that have to have a quiet work place; if it is too loud or o busy around me then won’t be able to concentrate. I can’t visualize things without it being quite and calm around me.

A drawback of being a visual learner is that I am terrible at taking listen and respond test. Won’t always understand exactly what is being asked or I lose focus and don’t hear the whole question or scenario. In conclusion, it’s not so bad to be a visual learner. Like how I learn although I do wish that I could also learn well auditory. If could have visual and auditory learning styles mixed together I feel as if I would make all Ass rather than making Ass and Bi’s now.

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