Wk Reflection Assignment

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Senators part of the hiring team for the class assignment. The hiring team conducted several interviews to fill two management positions for their company Des Nett. Our team interviewed a several individuals such as a lesbian female, gay male, black male and white female. After the interviews were completed, three individuals were selected and called back for a second interview to offer employment. Our management team decided to hire the gay male (Dwight) as the day manager, the Asian (Be) as the night manager and the white female (Jan) as the Secretary/Receptionist.

Jennet’s role was to provide feedback for the individuals. Although we did not have time to get that far in the process, the assignment was a great learning experience. Littoral played a gay male by the name of Dwight Hurley. She was interviewed for a management position for the company Des Nut. Littoral feels the role play was a good learning assignment because it showed how individuals are often judged or stereotyped because of their outer appearance or life preference rather than looking into their work experiences, educational background, and their work ethic.

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I learned that when interviewing individuals for employment it is always good to find out the qualities they possess and how that would benefit the company. After discussing the class assignment with Team C, Shakier believes that the project provided the team with a perspective on what is involved in the hiring process. The employing team conducted interviews to fill two management positions for their company Des Nett. The team interviewed individuals who were lesbian, gay, African American, and Caucasian. This provided group members with the opportunity to become more culturally diverse.

The team as able to get a better understanding of how to intern;IEEE people from different backgrounds and cultures. As well, each member was provided with insight on different roles associated with recruiting potential employees. During the week five workshop, students in attendance split into two teams, interviewers, and applicants. Sharron was a 65-year-old telecommunications executive whom interviewed for one of the management positions. The interviews took place at These Nut LLC, a company that produces and manufactures huge selections of nuts.

The interview team interviewed applicants of different nationalities, ages, and social choices. During the interviews several notes were made that could cost These Nut LLC thousands of dollars in legal fees. Most of the violations were employment violations such as preferred work schedules that was offered to some and not all applicants, asking derogatory and discriminatory questions such as are you married? Do you have childcare available for your children? The overall goal of this simulation was to make the teams aware of questions that should be avoided and questions that must be asked during a panel interview.

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