Why workplace diversity is important for every organisation Assignment

Why workplace diversity is important for every organisation Assignment Words: 834

This unit also considers the demands of managing cultural diversity in both international and domestic settings. It looks at a number of theoretical and practical issues related to leading and managing employees from diverse backgrounds including nationality, gender and generational. This unit integrates theoretical concepts, research and examples of international human resource management in practice. This unit aims to enhance student learning, critical enquiry, intellectual debate and a commitment to professionalism.

A range of assessment procedures will be used to meet the unit learning outcomes and develop graduate attributes: Assessment Weight Due Learning Outcomes Assessed In class tests gam 18th January & 9am 25th January Individual Report (2000 words) 25th January Group Report (2000 words) Week 1 1 Exam Week Total 100% ASSESSMENTS: Assessment 1 In Class Tests weeks 2 & 3 Weighting Due Date (10% per test) gam 18th January & 9am 25th January 2014 The tests will consist of a mix of multiple choice and/or short essay questions and will last for 30 minutes.

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The tests will cover the material taught in lectures 1-4 (tested 18th January) and in lectures 5-8 (tested 25th January) Assessment 2 Individual Literature review Word limit Objectives: 2000 words 5th January 2014 To apply international human resource management theory to a given question To integrate different areas of theory to develop a coherent argument To develop an understanding of the role of international human resource management in effective global business management. Managing talent in a global organization is more complex and demanding than it is in a national business”and few major worldwide corporations have risen to the challenge. ” Guthridge & Komm, McKinsey Quarterly May, 2008 Consider this statement and discuss it in relation to the specific problems of nternational human resource management compared to domestic HR Please ensure that you read the marking criteria to be found at the end of the unit outline. Note: It is strongly advised that students start work on this assignment early.

It requires research and analysis and cannot be completed in a short time. Individual Report 1 5th February 2014 The aim of this project is to enable you to research and gain further understanding of an area of strategic human resource Management that is of particular interest to you. You are to undertake an in-depth study into an organisation about which you ay have some knowledge on an aspect of strategic human resource management. In conducting the research for your project, you will need to select ONE of the following areas of international human resource management to focus your work.

It is not always possible to clearly divide the topics as many areas are inter-related. Consequently, some crossover can be expected. Try to select current issues of relevance. Students in full time employment may negotiate a topic related to their work. Focus areas: 1 . International staffing (expatriation and/or repatriation) and the selection / training of global managers 2. Global leadership styles [impact on and implications for global business 3. Conducting business negotiations in international business contexts 4.

Global ethics (individual, group, corporate) and social responsibility 5. Issues in multicultural workforces and managing workforce diversity 6. Women as global business leaders Final Examination Details of examination format and expectations will be advised during the lectures In order to pass this unit, you are required to complete all assessment items Prescribed Text Evans, P, Pucik, V & Bjorkmon, 1 2010 The Global Challenge: International HRM, 2nd dition, McGraw Hill Irwin.

Announcement of these matters in classes and placement of a notice on the officially designated College Noticeboard shall be deemed to be official notification. It is recommended that students who have life circumstances or personal limitations which may affect their course of study, should contact the Program Coordinator as soon as possible. Group discussion in assignment work is encouraged. However, written reports must be the individual student’s work. Any and all collaboration and help received must e clearly acknowledged. Permission to make a late submission of work must be obtained from your Head of Subject.

The reasons for requesting an extension of time must be given in writing and must be received before the due date. Having Work in other subjects’ will not be accepted as reasonable grounds for granting an extension. Excuses involving computers or printers will not be accepted as valid reasons for late submission. It is your responsibility to organise projects so that work is submitted by the due date. Where your work is submitted after the due date, and compassionate or other rounds cannot be established, there will be a penalty of 10% of the total mark for each day the submission is overdue.

In order to pass the subject, you must have satisfactorily completed all assigned If the subject lecturer questions any submitted work as wholly or partially satisfied that two or more students have engaged in unauthorised collusion, those involved will be subject individually to the same penalties as those applied in individual cases.

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