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Information is defined as facts provided or learned about something or someone, in an oxford dictionary , where as knowledge is a vital ice of information , facts and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. Gutting discovers in a “pew research survey this year found that 74 percent of graduates from four year colleges say that their education was “very useful in helping them grow intellectually “. 69 percent said that it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person and 55 percent claimed that ” it was very useful in helping them prepare for a Job or career “.

Moreover, 86 percent of these graduates think “college has been a good investment for them personally. ” (627) . I was taken jack when I found out that only 55 percent of people said that it was beneficiary to them in terms of preparing them for a career. Most of them thought that it was useful to them personally. Being satisfied personally however , doesn’t help pay the bills , or put food in one’s mouth or put clothes on one’s back . Before reading this I believed that to get a good paying Job, you had to go to college , pass all your classes with an A and do as I was told .

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But, after reading this article I started to question myself . Maybe going to school and getting the highest education one could possibly et wasn’t always the answer. Why go through the stress of having to deal with professor’s , homework assignments and people you don’t necessarily relate to only to end up unemployed in the future ? I do it because I want to set a good example for my kids in the future. Because I want my future generation to know and understand that all though it wasn’t easy , I fought hard and I gave it my all to be well educated .

Because I want to walk outside and hold my head up high knowing that I am well equipped and informed . I know that I can use the knowledge that I have gained in school to attack any obstacle that comes my way, Whether is it is with making important choices in life or solving a math problem . Lee also says that ” Going to Harvard or duke wont automatically produce a better job and higher pay. Graduates of these schools generally do well . But they do well because they are talented “. (672).

I strongly agree with Lee when he says this , reaching for a higher education is never a mistake but relying on that degree to get you exactly where you want to be is the mistake . Instead, have a backup plan . Learn something about yourself as you’re working towards that degree. Find out what your Lee also says that ” People from high status families tend to earn more than people from low status families even if they had the same amount of education. ” (671) So the question is , what advantage do I have over my competitor ? How am I guaranteed to get the Job if we both have the same amount of education?

And the answer is have a skill ! Being skillful or talented is something that no one can deprive you off . It gives you an advantage over your competitors . Gutting says “the raisin deter of a college is to nourish a world of ideas, dedicated o what we can know scientifically, understand humiliatingly or express artistically'(628). I agree with Gutting there because I understand that the purpose of college is to bring out ideas and undiscovered talent, it is to open our minds on how we view the world and different cultures.

It helps us think outside the box and be creative in our own ways. It helps to be accepting of ourselves first so we can be accepting of others . It helps us look and see people in different ways . Ways that we might not have been able see before . It also helps us to be more diverse and be better off than our previous generations. Education is not Just about reading books , Education also teaches us about life . It prepares us for the real world .

Lionhearted argues that ” based on a research made three decades ago , full time workers with a bachelors degree make 40 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. Last year, the gap reached 83 percent “. (647) . I believe that the percentage will get bigger and bigger as we go on because the chances of an uneducated person getting the Job over an educated person is extremely rare . People will start to realize the importance of education and how it affects the well Ewing of a country in general. I believe it is quite obvious that this country is low on jobs .

Out of the many reasons why I believe that education is important and a necessity in life Just like water and food is to sustain, I also believe that it creates an opportunity for more Jobs to be created . I am enrolled at RFC not only because I want to be knowledgeable in my field of interest, It is my goal to prove to those skeptics or family and friends who are procrastinating about whether or not college is deserving of their time how I started with working at a coffee shop with minimum ay to being able to support myself and family members as a RAN .

However I understand that having a college degree doesn’t always guarantee a Job but it will make me feel good about myself in knowing that I have a lot more information and knowledge over someone who did not strive for a higher education. I can contribute the knowledge that I have acquired through school to help make my community or country a better one. Why is it that people in power / authority are putting forth the notion that college is “not for everyone” who exactly is college for then ? Could it be that they are saying his for their own selfish reasons ?

They are living well off of being well educated but yet they are putting forth the notion that a college degree is not useful or beneficiary. I disagree with this because I believe that education is for all . One doesn’t have to know what they want to be when they grow up in order for that person to be in different kinds of people. Education gives the person from a low income family the chance to be in the same room as someone from a higher end and still be respected and valued equally. Education lays the foundation of a stronger nation

In conclusion, I strongly believe that higher education is important because it enriches one’s intelligence , it soars us high in life so that we may head out for the real world prepared. It makes us feel good in knowing that we are well equipped for any obstacle that comes our way . , it gives us something to look up to , It gives us hope for a better future , It teaches us a lesson, that its never okay to believe in what other’s think but to have a mindset of our own and be realistic in knowing and understanding that a common high school diploma will not get you very far in life .

And neither will Just sitting down and hoping for a miracle . But instead to get up on our fetes and make a positive change and to take charge of our lives . However , I also believe that it doesn’t always guarantee a Job , I know of a couple of people who has their master’s degree but still struggles to get a Job. This why I think that acquiring a skill whiles in pursuit of a degree is a good idea because but it makes us stand from our competitors , I believe that a person is better off with a talent and a college degree to back it up than someone with only a college degree .

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