Why a College Education Is Important to Me Assignment

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Achieving Academic Excellence Assignment 5_06 Why a College Education is Important to Me April 17, 2013 The importance of an education in today’s society proves demanding and also essential. To understand the importance of education, we must first understand what education entails. Education can be described as the process of learning and applying the materials learned to everyday situations. Education plays an Important role in our success in this ever changing world.

As our economy explodes with many advances, the necessity for education grows considerably. As an adolescent In high school we begin to examine the significance of that of an education. Questions pertaining to our choice in a particular career field, the amount of salary that we desire, and the goals we wish to obtain may arise. The choice to pursue a college education can open numerous opportunities. Also a college education will improve your overall success throughout life.

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In securing a future involving a college education, one must be dedicated to spending several hours to studying and obtaining realistic goals. The advantages to obtaining a college education are endless. For most Individuals the clear cut advantage Is a higher paying salary. According to the u. s. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, an individual with a bachelor’s degree earned more than twice as much as those without a high school diploma or equivalency.

Opportunities for employment are In higher demand for those who demonstrate higher more efficient knowledge. The knowledge or skills gained from attending college with help further guide you throughout life. With multiple career opportunities available, college proves to be beneficial to a persons success. Another advantage to having a college education Is the personal growth and development that a person acquires during this time. For myself, personal growth is a main factor for achieving my personal goals.

Personal growth and development can be described in many different forms. Mental, physical, financial, and emotional are Justas few examples, The sense of accomplishment or personal gain received from applying one’s self, is an advantage all in its self. The importance of an education has been repeatedly stated by several of history inspirational leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin stated “Genius without education is eke silver In the mine. ” Also he stated “An Investment In knowledge pays the best Interest. These Ingenious words are clear In their meaning and hold a very inspirational thought. 1 OFF from extended education has proven more beneficial compared to those of a high school graduate. Potential for better career opportunities, higher pay salary, advancements in career fields and personal satisfaction are clear advantages to the importance of a college education.

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