Why I Want to Be a Web Designer Assignment

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When we are all born, who’s to know how one will become in life? Who we will be? What we will accomplish? When we all enter this world, our lives can only be determined by our line of choices and decisions. And those lines of decisions determine the paths that we are leading. The paths we lead are different situations we have dealt with and situations that we all will have to deal with. My choices have led me to this point in my life. And at this point in my life, I want to graduate from college, and obtain a degree in which I would be able to acquire a successful career.

How will I go about doing that you ask? First I feel it appropriate that I introduce myself to my audience. My name is Ruthea Buenaseda. I am a 21 year old student currently attending DeVry University pursuing my Associate’s Degree in Web Graphics Design. Prior to attending DeVry, and prior to pursuing my program, I never thought that I would want to be a Web Designer. During my early childhood, by love for sports, especially basketball had always been first priority when deciding what I want to be when I grew up.

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My father played basketball, and his passion for the sport was passed down to me. But how did I go from a dream of being a professional ball player to a Web designer? During my last year in high school, I was taking an elective. This elective was offered to any student, needing credits in order for one to graduate. This elective was a Web Design class. This may have just been any other elective, but this class had determined what I pictured my career to be.

This class had made me appreciate what I enjoyed about drawing, and hands on, let me experience different ways I could be creative using my love for artistic expression. I possess many interests such as sports, and also writing, and music. I was able to contribute those interests in design. What career could possibly provide me with the tools I need to be able to express the person I know most? Being a web designer. I was excited to find out that there was a career based on the things I learned in this class.

When I graduated high school, I started to brainstorm which school would provide me with the education and experience I need to acquire my desired field of occupation. Briefly after my high school commencement, I was introduced to a technology based educational institution that was actually pretty well known throughout North America; DeVry University. I will confess I was reluctant to attending this school for I have never heard of DeVry. But if I was to have a stable future, what a better way to start now right?

I thought to myself. There was a long process during registration in which I had to get my financial aid situated. After assuring the stability of my grants and student loans, I was on my way to start the career that I wanted. Throughout my experience in DeVry, I have had my share of bad grades, uncooperative professors, and unworthy friendships. But throughout my experience in DeVry, I have also had my share of great mentors, and tutors that assisted me, and walked me through all the things I comprehend in their lectures.

I have also had my share of friends that push me, and motivated me to finish all my daily assignments through each course week. But also throughout my experience in DeVry I have had my share of self-doubt. Although, there are people surrounding your life that help you influence what you accomplish, I believe that it’s within oneself to be one’s own self-motivator. I had to push myself, and motivated myself to maintain discipline, and focus to be at the point I want to be. Where am I at this point in my life? How far have I come in school?

I’m at the point where I am a semester and a half away from completing the first step and goal I have in life. And that is to complete my education and obtain a degree. I’m a couple of months away to the beginning of my adult career. All that I require for myself to do is to keep myself disciplined and motivated. I want to obtain a career that allows me to do what I love. I want a career that allows me to express myself, and to do what I am most passionate about. My name is Ruthea Buenaseda and I want to be a Web Graphic Designer.

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