Why I Hated My Job Paragraph Assignment

Why I Hated My Job Paragraph Assignment Words: 400

Well let me start from the beginning all m life I have been a rebellious individual so IM one of those people who doesn’t like to be told what to do by anyone I rather be in charge. I hated working at shoppers b cause during the cold winter I had to wait at the bus Stop in 20 to 30 degree weather just to make $7. 25 an hour when I think about it I felt like it was a waste of time.

All I ever did for 4 hours was bag groceries, put back food customers did not wish to buy a d sometime they made me collect the shopping carts. There were days they ma De me collect shopping carts even when I wasn’t dressed warm I don’t think they woo old care if I frozen to death in the parking lot. When I was working at shoppers part time, man when I say I hated my bosses I mean I hated my bosses. The front end manager name e dawn she looks like her weight could be around 370 pounds she reminds of “mama June” you can tell by her nasty attitude that she has insecurities about her her weight.

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If she was having a rough day she would take her anger out on the workers. Her attitude , weight and disrespect. Lead to her being transferred to another store and her Hausa ND divorcing her. Why did I quit working at shoppers? Well, after 10 months of bagging grog rise and getting written up by supervisors I decided to resign. Realized that there is m ore life than living off of minimum wage. If never applied for shoppers probably would d of done better in my junior year Of high school.

Most Of the time when had writing as assignment and project to do I never got them done on time or I wind up handing them in a day before its due day before. The reason for this is after I left school I went strait get too work for 4 hours which made me too exhausted to do my assignments. So all after work was eat,shower and sleep. After a series of referrals and complaint s from customers shoppers management put me on suspension. After a week of been g suspended I decided to write resignation letter to management.

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