What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It Assignment

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Plagiarism is a major problem academic offense in high school and in college. It has been brought to the attention of teachers, Deans’ offices, and the President offices since it is an unethical academic practice in which students copy others works (Plagiarism- What it is and how to avoid it). If detected, it could result in students being placed on suspension or being suspended, losing credit and receiving a zero for the assignment, or even failing the course. Plagiarism is not tolerated in any class whether high school or college since it deprives one from learning.

Plagiarism is the stealing of someone else’s work in which the student does not do their own work but copies others. This student then takes this work as their own and submits it for the assignment instead Of trying to paraphrase it and copies it word by word with major changes in the writing style and content without using the correct citations. There are several different types of plagiarism (What is Plagiarism? ). They are: 1 . Clone is copying the exact same words as the author used in their writing by placing them in their assignments and then submitting it. 2.

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Hybrid s copying the paragraphs word by word without citing the sources in which the student got their information from. 3. CTR- C is copying important information from one source but different paragraphs. 4. Mishap is when one copies different materials from various sources. 5. Find- replace is altering certain terms and sentences while recalling vital information from the source. 6. 404 Error is using citations from sources that do not exist or are wrong (What is Plagiarism? ). 7. Remix is when one uses different paraphrases that would fit together in their assignments in which they gathered from efferent sources. . Aggregate are students that does not show their original work but uses someone else by gathering certain citations from different sources. 9. Recycle in plagiarism is using the authors earliest works without citing them. 10. Re-tweet has proper source citations but the words and structure may be closely linked to the authors original work (What is Plagiarism? ). In order to prevent plagiarism, there are a few guidelines that one should follow. One way is to meet with your teacher to discuss and allow them to help you find the right answers that you may have problems with on retain assignments.

According to Hull and Hacking (2011), they may also help you with citations of your sources in your paper if you are having trouble citing the sources properly. The next way prevent plagiarism is to plan out your paper according to what you are going to say by using your own words and ideas that is related to the information from the notes and source that you are using and then citing it correctly. Another hint in note taking is to make sure to write the page numbers and citations that go with the source whether it is a bibliography or website that is being used.

Another way to prevent plagiarism is to cite sources if in doubt by emphasizing your words and ideas from the sources by clear and precise, showing that you are not copying their ideas but centering your ideas around theirs (What is Plagiarism? ). By being clear and precise when mixing your ideas with the sources, make sure you give credit to all sources that was used. The fourth rule that Hull and Hacking (2011) believes in preventing plagiarism is to use paraphrases which allows the reader to draw less attention from sources or to decrease the usage of quotations.

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