Week Summary Assignment

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We obtain our data from the Minimum Data Set (MEDS) along with other facilities. We are able to compare ourselves to other facilities by using the quality measures report provided by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Seen,’ices (SMS). Greatest impact The differences between performance improvement versus performance measures had the greatest impact on me this week Performance improvement involves improving the clinical outcomes and patient experiences while reducing organizational costs. Performance measurement involves collecting and reporting on practices clinical process and outcomes.

Both of these improvement measures is necessary to improve the quality of care for patients throughout the organization. Surprising The video “Debunking Health Care Myths” was surprising to me. It was hard to hear that his father passed away due to infection acquired in the hospital. As a health care professional, it is my responsibility to ensure each patient is free from hospital acquired infections. Need to do all that can to ensure I don’t spread infections from patient to patient or cause a patient to obtain an infection by substandard quality of care.

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Use in Daily Life The aspect of team work can be used daily. As a team, we have improved on our communication and momentum. Patient care requires teamwork to provide adequate care. Without teamwork, the patient will not have the optimal experience in the healthcare system. Conclusion I think this was one Of my favorite weeks. I was impressed with our team stepping up and submitting some assignments for review. I enjoyed look at benchmarking, performance improvement versus performance measures, the video, and teamwork.

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